Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle all add Chromecast support

Fans of Chromecast are gtting quite a bit of added functionality today, as three major services have been updated to support the streaming stick. Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle all support streaming via Google’s dongle, nearly eliminating the reasons not to have one. For fans of either or all of the media streaming services, it brings added benefits to your living room as well as your smartphone.

Rdio launches free radio stations for the US, Canada and Australia

Rdio has announced their latest feature that will be available for users in the US, Canada and Australia -- radio stations. This option will be available for those users beginning on Thursday. The good news here, these stations, which appear to be opening up as potential competition for Pandora and iTunes Radio, will be available for free. And on top of that, these stations will be advertising free.

Rdio update brings new user interface

Rdio users on Android have something pretty exciting waiting for them over on the Google Play Store. The music streaming app has been given a new update, and though this update brings a few new features with it, one of the most important is a revamped user interface. This redesign brings a cleaner feel to the whole app, and glancing over the screenshots below, we have to say it looks pretty good.

Rdio launches new beta app for Android

Rdio, one of the more popular competitors to Spotify and Microsoft's new Xbox Music, has just launched a new beta version of its Android application. This new app is not available on Google Play yet, so if you are interested in being a beta tester, you will have to join Rdio's Google Group and download the application for yourself. Rdio has not announced when the final version of its new app will hit Google Play with a final version.

Rdio app undergoes a facelift, Android 4.0 support included

Those of you who were Rdio users prior to purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Nexus were probably wondering when it would be updated to Android 4.0. It is now perfectly compatible, and even underwent a much welcomed UI transformation. Like other music streaming apps, Rdio offers an great collection of over 12 million songs that can be instantly streamed to any Android device.