HTC One X dropped to $99 on AT&T

If you're looking for an awesome smartphone for a low price, the folks from HTC and AT&T might have exactly what you need. Just in time for summer to be coming to an end AT&T has slashed the price on their flagship HTC One X smartphone in half. From $199 to just $99 bucks on a new 2-year contract.

AT&T HTC One X pre-orders coming to Radio Shack for $149

Ice Cream Sandwich is finally going to be available to AT&T customers and it is going to be packaged in a premium phone. HTC will be the host for this OS and with the HTC One X it intends to make a statement. Originally slated to be released on May 6 for $199 (with 2 year contract), it can be scooped up at Radio Shack for the amazing price of $149. This is a special pricing by Radio Shack is on pre-orders only. The price goes back up to $199 after the release.

RadioShack soon selling Barnes and Noble Nook and Nook Color

Just when you thought you couldn't get a Nook at RadioShack, they come up and surprise you by carrying the Nook. They've also got the Nook Color, both of these device available very soon in most if not all of their thousands of locations across the USA and Mexico. What you need to know is that while Barnes & Noble continues to grow their eReader business, their competitors are either dying (Borders, just this past weekend, rest in peace), or re-ramping up so as to avoid the massive Nook pain. Do you own a Nook yet? Do you plan on picking one up in the near future?

TankBot Android-controlled micro-vehicle revealed [Video]

While the most recent Android smartphone-controlled device that's anywhere near a car has been the Sphero, a device much more along the lines of an RC-object, the fine folks at Desk Pets have taken an alternate approach: make the tiniest tank in the world, make it in several colors, make it smartphone controllable, and price it cheap! That's what we like to hear for the next generation of new smartphone adopters, those thinking they need a high-priced smartphone to run anything awesome. I say thee nay! The future is here! Tiny little RC cars that are inexpensive and can be run with any Android you've got!

HTC EVO 3D coming soon in White thanks to RadioShack

RadioShack today has announced they will be launching the popular glasses-free 3D phone the HTC EVO 3D come September 9th, and it will be dressed in White. We saw the original EVO 4G get a similar make over but the entire device wasn't changed and mainly just the back cover. This time around the entire phone will get spiced up, that includes the camera bezels and everything. What do you think?

Radio Shack offers Samsung Conquer 4G for $19.99

Earlier this month when we talked about the Samsung Conquer 4G smartphone we mentioned that the little beast would be under $100. Radio Shack is now offering a screaming deal on the smartphone that puts it WAY under $100. If you want to get yourself some 4G love with an Android device and need a new 2-year contract, you can land the smartphone for $19.99.

RadioShack Having a Closeout Sale on T-Mobile Phones [Deal]

We've just learned that RadioShack is having a huge blowout on all their T-Mobile devices and things will even be leaving the shelves for FREE so you'd better hurry if you've been planning a move to T-Mobile. Starting September 14th RadioShack will no longer be carrying T-Mobile devices and are now going to be partnered with Verizon. According to their Facebook page they are going to start clearing the shelves of T-Mobile and as a result we all benefit.
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