LG Enlighten Sale Image Appears for This Weekend

You're going to be able to be picking up LG's latest effort for less than a dollar right out of the gate if you happen to be heading to Wal-Mart this weekend - LG Enlighten being the name of the game, a 97 cent pricetag being the cost. What we're looking at here is a mid-range Android slider with a full QWERTY keyboard and what MIGHT be Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That or you'll just be working with FroYo - either way this device isn't going to be busting apart the oncoming dual-core competition any time soon, so it's not truly necessary for the world's most advanced version of Android to be on this relatively small 3.2-inch display having smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro Revealed [Video]

Two devices at the bottom of the price scale delivered to the public today via a specs list and press images are the Samsung Galaxy Y (Y for Young) and the Galaxy Y Pro. Something to note here is that Y for Young means those getting into the smartphone game or just those literally young of age - certainly this has nothing to do with Jay-Z who is also known as Young - keep that in mind. What you're getting here are two lovely looking bottom-of-mid-range devices made by Samsung to bring people into the Android fold on their TouchWiz interface so they'll love it so much they'll never go back. Will the Y do it?

LG Enlighten QWERTY Slider Images Leak, Headed to Verizon

We have been seeing a lot of mid-range devices out of LG lately and what we have here is no different. This is the LG Enlighten QWERTY slider headed for the big red, Verizon Wireless. You might also remember the name the LG Gelato Q as that is what this was first rumored to be. More details on that are available in this LG leaked roadmap. If what we have heard is accurate this device might even be rocking NFC but the details are still not all available.

Motorola XPRT Review

Welcome to the second iteration of Motorola's Android business phone for the portrait typing of emails, calendar scheduling, document work, and of course, web browsing. This device is made to be working with the keyboard as much as the touchscreen, and in many cases more of the former. The first look at this device (or an earlier edition of it, if you will,) was the DROID Pro, a Verizon joint. The similarities are immense, but the battery is much, much larger. That and this one's just better because the back is rubbery and textured.

Pantech Crossover Review

What we've got here today is Pantech's very first Android effort in the United States. It's certainly no top-tier device, but a mid-range contender it certainly is. That said, as a commenter noted in the hands-on post, it reminds one very much of a phone from 2007 by the name of Helio Ocean. Does that mean its hopelessly outdated? Absolutely not. Have a look at a device that I'd suggest to any one of my relatives who want to get into Android any day of the week. Family and friends lost in the unconnected past, welcome to the mobile future, this is your guide, the Pantech Crossover.

Samsung Replenish Comes Early to the Party

Samsung has created a rather cool, and green, Android handset with the Samsung Replenish. Samsung has deliberately incorporated recycled and recyclable plastic into it's design in an effort to stem the growing amount of eWaste that is plaguing the eco system with tossed cellphones. And who doesn't like keeping Mother Earth happy?! But there's more ...

HTC Merge Appears Again, Heading to Alltel

We first heard about the HTC Merge (formally the HTC Lexikon) all the way back in September. Since then there have been a few leaks like it appearing on Verizon's website and then, just like that, it completely disappeared. Well now after it has been apparently scrapped by Verizon, it has shown up featuring Alltel branding. The HTC device featuring a full QWERTY keyboard was met with much excitement before it disappeared. Rumored to be one of the first World Phones, then was delayed to utilize LTE, the Merge is not even coming to Verizon for reasons unknown. Even though it will not be introduced to the masses on Big Red, it sure brings Alltel's Android linup up to par with other carriers. Will you be picking one up, is the Alltel vs. Verizon a big factor for you with this QWERTY HTC? [Via Droid-Life]
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