Qualcomm’s new CEO is uniquely qualified to lead company forward

Qualcomm, already the leader in mobile chipset implementation, has a new CEO. A family business since being founded in part by Dr. Irwin Jacobs 28 years ago, Steve Mollenkopf has been with the company for most of that — 20 years. He has held many titles in his tenure, and will be the first guy without the last name Jacobs to hold the title of CEO. [caption id="attachment_175217" align="alignnone" width="600"] Steve Mollenkopf, right, shakes hands with Paul E Jacobs[/caption]

Qualcomm faces possible $1 billion fine in China for alleged overcharging

In China, Qualcomm is facing difficulties surrounding perceived price fixing. Anti-monopoly regulators in China have accused Qualcomm of overcharging, and abusing their market position as a leading chipset manufacturer. It’s part of an ongoing effort to protect Chinese consumers from pricing which could get out of hand.

MediaTek’s new octa-core SoC is LTE capable, and heavy on specs

If you’ve been waiting patiently for octa-core, it won’t be long now. MediaTek has announced their latest offering, the MT6595. Though not the first octa-core processor we’ve seen on a device, it’s likely the one with the most attractive feature set. If they can keep ahead of the looming Qualcomm threat, MediaTek octa-core chipsets just might find their way onto more handsets.