Samsung Galaxy S II Blows up the Quadrant Benchmark

We have all been seeing a lot of dual-core phones on the horizon, and one thing we always do first is a Quadrant benchmark or something of that sort. Now this does not represent real world testing, but it gives us a pretty good idea on what is to come. We have the Galaxy S II here ripping through any other stock quadrant score we've yet to see.

HTC Sensation Benchmarks : Quadrant and SunSpider

Well now we've got quite the look at the HTC Sensation (NO LONGER to be known as the HTC Pyramid) as our man in England mister Chris Davies had his hands-on with it and a good look at its inside and outsides. Now what we want is, of course, the benchmarks! Which ones shall we chose? Why, Quadrant and SunSpider of course, we wanna know how fast it's processing AND how fast it's browsing - so lets have at it!

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro 2 Gets Quadrant Benchmark?

And it seems to be pretty neato. Over at Ausdroid they've got this image that they say is a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro 2 being benchmarked with Quadrant, and it appears to be doing pretty well. It's definitely no LG Optimus 2X or overclocked Nexus S, but is comparable to, say, a CyanogenMod 7 Nexus S with no overclocking. What's all that mean? It means it's not going to beat the superest of the super phones coming out soon, but it'll certainly be a top-tier device.

CyanogenMod 7 Quadrant Benchmark on Nexus S [Exclusive]

Take a peek here at CyanogenMod 7 as it is right this moment, by the numbers, straight off the press on a Quadrant benchmark. A total of 1717 on a brand new Nexus S, and that's without ext4 implemented, without being overclocked. Sound sweet to you?

T-Mobile myTouch HD Benchmarked, Scores 1800 Quadrant

Benchmarking has become a popular way to determine a phones power. Many have been wondering how the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch HD will perform and from it's benchmark that was released, it looks like it's going to be a very solid and powerful device.

Motorola Shadow battery spotted, more benchmark scores and its not running 2.2 but “Ninja Blur”?

For now let’s just take this a few grains of salt. The latest benchmark of the upcoming Motorola Shadow suggests that if it had Android 2.2 it would be twice as fast as the Nexus One. Is this possible? I would say no but anything could happen. The most shocking part of this story is the Shadow in the test is not running Android 2.2 but a new version of MotoBlur called NinjaBlur.
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