NVIDIA partners with next-gen 4G LTE suppliers

NVIDIA is making some huge strides in the mobile scene as of late. With their first fully powered smartphone in the ZTE Mimosa X and more. Today they've officially announced that they will be working and partnered with some of the biggest lead suppliers of 4G LTE cellular silicone solutions. This will allow current and next-gen 4G LTE devices to come to market faster -- all powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

ZTE will unveil new quad-core 4G LTE devices at MWC

As MWC nears, more manufacturers are starting to hint at what they have to offer. Joining this bandwagon is ZTE; they plan to release multiple devices next week that incorporate both quad-core processors and 4G LTE. Precisely which 4G LTE network they've decided on is still unknown.

NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 fifth-core architecture will be known as 4-PLUS-1

NVIDIA just released some new information this evening regarding the Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor. As many of you probably know the Tegra 3 quad-core actually contains five processing cores under the hood -- yes 5. In the past we've heard the term ninja core, companion core, and a few others but the new official term is 4-PLUS-1. What does this mean? Read on below.

Android Community Evening Wrap-Up: February 15, 2012

Earlier on today, we had found out CyanogenMod 9 may make use of Onskreen's Cornerstone multitasking engine. It was just recently announced, and proved to be quite an amazing concept. Actually, we had wondered why the concept wasn't already natively part of Android. Next, word got out that Verizon may release a white Galaxy Nexus with reduced price and storage. Reduced price is key here, and if a white model will be available at a reduced price, it's almost certain another cheaper black variant could see stores too.

LG X3 quad-core gets detailed, screenshots included

LG's next high-end smartphone has been leaked and name dropped a few times but today we have received a full slew of specs, and screenshots that basically confirms all previous reports and rumors. Following its older sibling the LG G2x and the Optimus 2x we are now hearing they'll be releasing the LG X3 quad-core Tegra 3 smartphone soon. While that isn't new, the full specs and screenshots below are brand new.

HTC quad-core debut to be called the HTC One X

We've been hearing a lot regarding HTC's upcoming smartphones slated to be unveiled in a few weeks at Mobile World Congress, and with good reason. They'll be debuting their new and first quad-core device in what we are now hearing will be called the HTC One X. Previous reports and leaks called this phone the HTC Edge and Endeavor but the official retail name will be the One X.

Huawei to announce quad-core Ascend D1 Q and 10-inch MediaPad at MWC

We know Huawei's got big plans for Mobile World Congress, specifically its brand new "Diamond" line of devices. According to a Webo post spotted by Blog of Mobile, the first phone to get this distinction will e the Huawei Ascend D1 Q. That rather extended product name probably includes "D1" for the first Diamond phone and (wait for it) "Q" for quad-core. If Huawei intends to break out of its bargain OEM shell at MWC, that could be a very expedient way of doing so.

Quadrant Benchmark update brings ICS and multi-core support

Overclockers and benchmark masters it's time to update your app and break out the watercooling. The extremely popular benchmark suite for Android has just been issued a much and long awaited update. Quadrant Standard and Advanced has just reached version 2.0 and with it comes some huge changes to the user interface and the benchmark as a whole. We now officially have Android 4.0 ICS and multi-core support.
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