Pushbullet now supports end-to-end encryption for various features

In an age where hacked accounts and leaked messages are a common occurrence, encryption support is all the more important, not because you have anything to hide (well, unless you do, but that’s your business) but because we all have a right to privacy. It’s also hard to trust software and apps that you know are vulnerable to such attacks and yet don’t offer encryption. Notification mirroring app Pushbullet wants you to trust them as they are now offering end-to-end encryption support for users and the messages sent to and from their devices.

Pushbullet gets an all-new design and improved UI

Perhaps one of the most widely used productivity apps out there is Pushbullet. This app has been updated several times throughout the years but the recent release is the biggest update yet. Before this one, Pushbullet has allowed replying to BBM and GroupMe, as well as, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging apps. Avid Pushbullet fans will see the noticeable changes right away as enhancements have been made on every level for both the iOS and Android versions.

PushBullet now lets you reply to BBM and GroupMe as well

PushBullet is shaping up to be one very useful but also somewhat rather odd app. What once started as a simply way to "push" links and files is now slowly but surely becoming a courier as well. Just weeks after it opened the doors to WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook and other popular messaging services, now it is welcoming BBM and GroupMe into the family. And like those other apps, you not only get a notification about the message on your computer, you can actually reply to them as well right then and there.

Pushbullet now allows replying to Hangouts, WhatsApp and other IM apps

It's a new month which means there's a new update for the Pushbullet. Actually, it's only an observation that the development team is pushing some changes as we've noticed the past few months. Just last January, the Pushbullet app became available for Mac, iOS, and Safari. This was after sending SMS was made easier. Some Quick-Action support have been added, as well as, universal copy and paste, Material Design, improved nagivation, subscribing to Channels, and the Play Store beta program.

Pushbullet now available for Mac, iOS, and Safari–ready to use with your Android app

We all know how useful the Pushbullet app is but it's not available for every device just yet. The Pushbullet development team has been busy working on new versions and updates to bring the app to more people all over the world. Last month, the Windows version was updated to make sending SMS easier. Before that, more interesting updates have been added to the Android app as well: Quick action support, Universal Copy and Paste, Material Design and improved navigation, subscribing to Channels, Play Store program, and Notification Mirroring among others. When it comes to crossing-over different platforms, Pushbullet is trying it's very best to reach Apple and looks like it's gonna be successful soon.

Pushbullet Windows App updated, sending SMS now made easier

Pushbullet has pushed yet another update for its Windows app version. This was after Quick Action support, universal copy & paste, Material Design and improved notification, subscribing to Channels, and Play Store beta program were added to the program and a week after the Windows app was also updated with a better user interface. Still in beta mode, the Windows app now includes full SMS support. This means Android phone users can send messages right from the Pushbullet Windows app. No need to open the smartphone because you can read and send messages on the desktop app.

Pushbullet adds Quick-Action support

Having fun with Pushbullet yet? The app has been getting interesting updates recently: send links to and from phone, Notification Mirroring, Play Store beta program, EvolveSMS integration, universal copy and paste, subscribing to Channels,  Material Design, and improved navigation. The Pushbullet team will just keep on working on the app to make your experience even better. The latest addition is the Quick-Action support that allows you to react to notifications right on your computer.

Pushbullet now supports universal copy & paste

Who knew that the ‘copy & paste’ function could still be improved? Pushbullet was able to innovate it and has released the Universal copy & paste. It was officialy released two months ago but the developer has been working to enhance the program by adding support for Firefox and Chrome as browser extensions for it to work on Linux and Mac. Previously, the function is available only with Windows-powered computers.

Pushbullet now lets you send messages from your computer

Pushbullet is all growed up (Rugrats reference). You can tell by the fact that it has somewhat outgrown the original simple goal it had when it started. Yes, of course, you still push things, but the definition of "things" has expanded considerably, encompassing not just files and links but also notifications and SMS. The latest update takes that last one even further. Now Pushbullet can let you send SMS right from the comforts of your computer. Via its browser extension, of course.
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