LinkedIn Pulse updated for more relevant, professional news

There are a lot of apps out there that bring you the news or articles relevant to your interests in either a magazine style or a digest format. And with so many sites, blogs, apps out there, you really need to streamline your information or else you will miss out on the things that matter and get stuck watching kittens do cute stuff. For a more "professional" news update, LinkedIn is now releasing a newly-redesigned Pulse app that will bring you the most relevant news related to your industry and your network.

LinkedIn Pulse updated to deliver personalized professional news

When business-focused social networking service LinkedIn acquired Pulse last April, it was only expected that it would somehow find a way to bring its mark to the popular news reader app. After a few months, the fruits of that partnership is finally here in the form of an updated Pulse app called, unsurprisingly, LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn and Pulse News join forces in $90m deal

Today some breaking news has just arrived from one of the most popular news apps for both Android and iOS. That being that Pulse News has been acquired by LinkedIn for the tune of around $90 million dollars in a mix of mostly stocks, as well as some cash. At first thought we were worried, but rest assured that Pulse won't be going anywhere - at least for now.

Pulse reading app updated with unlimited pages, improved navigation, and more

One of the more popular reader applications, known as Pulse, has just received a huge update that brings it to version 3.0. This update adds some slick new features, some of which are exclusive the Android version of the app. The biggest new feature for the update is addition of unlimited pages. Now, users can add as many sites as they want, which should make using the app a whole lot more enjoyable.

Google Readying Pulse Competitor feed reader app

One of the most obvious and easily made excellent functions of a tablet computer is its ability to act as a news reader. What groups like News360 and Feedly and Pulse have discovered is that it's quite the lucrative and easily accessible market indeed. And you know what happens when there's a market that's available for access, right? Google comes in and smashes everyone else with their Thor hammer! Or I suppose that's what they'll be hoping to do with what's likely to be called "Google Propeller."

Pulse News Reader Updated for XOOM, Android 3.0.1 Honeycomb

Behold version 1.9.5, an update that's just this week come through for Pulse, one of if not THE preeminent news feed reader on Android (and iOS, for those keeping track of that.) This update is marked 1.9.5 and says that it's an update specifically for Android 3.0.1 Honeycomb. We're rolling out with it on the Motorola XOOM and so far… it looks exactly the same. But that's no bad thing, all updates behind the scenes - that means they were doing it right the first time!

Android Community featured on Pulse News!

Would you look at that. Our good friends over at Pulse News by Alphonso Labs today have been kind enough to feature Android Community on their blog. Standing alongside The Atlantic, TV Guide, OK! Magazine, and more! Pulse News Reader is the best when it comes to tech news on your mobile device. Aside from the official Android Community App of course, which is always a fabulous choice for all of your Android news and community talks - which you can also access [here], of course.

Pulse News Reader Goes FREE on All Platforms Today

You know that rockin reader application that SlashGear was recently (and still is?) featured on, that one that's really successful, really rocking, and looks super nice? Now it's free. Pulse News, the #1 news reading app on several Apple products (iPad, iPhone) as well as Android, has gone completely free today across ALL platforms. Pulse would like, of course, to thank everyone who worked with, on, and used the app up until this point where it's rockin enough to give away for total freeness.
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