Project Glass

Google Glass teardown shows us the tiny tech inside

Google Glass has been making waves across the tech segment, and those waves finally culminated in a teardown of the product itself - something which we certainly have nothing against checking out. With a Torx T5 Screwdriver in hand, and some time (and money) to kill, someone did just that, and this is the result.

Google Glass shown answering your everyday questions

It seems the verdict is still out for many when it comes to Google Glass. But with that in mind, a few members of the Google Glass team have recently shared a video that takes a look at some practical use cases. Well, some examples of what you can use Google Glass to search for. Keeping in mind that the same thing can also be done with a smartphone, this video is nice if for no other reason than it is showing Glass being used for something other than a head-mounted camera.

Google’s Larry Page talks bathroom Glass use

Google Glass privacy concerns are not exactly a new topic. We have seen countless issues raised and even some locations placing a ban on using Glass. With that in mind, Google CEO Larry Page has spent some time addressing such concerns from investors during a recent shareholders meeting. Basically, it doesn't seem as if Page is all that concerned.

Sherpa digital assistant app coming to Google Glass

Sherpa, for those not familiar with the name, is a virtual assistant app for Android. The app had been available for those in Spain and Latin America and back in mid-April it was released in beta form for those in the US market. That app has since seen some updates, however at the present time it is still sporting the beta tag. Putting the regular Android app to the side though, it looks like Sherpa has set their sights on Google Glass.

Google Glass gets ClockworkMod Recovery as the hacking continues

When the folks at Mountain View released Google Glass to developers it was quickly discovered that the wearable computing glasses were extremely easy to hack. This wasn't by accident, and Google made no efforts in securing Glass, especially since they are only for developers, for now. Fast forward to today and we have an unofficial ClockworkMod Recovery up and running on Glass.

Google Glass prototype eyes-on as shown by Isabelle Olsson

Watching Google I/O from a distance and much of the focus seems to be on the keynote and the freebies that are given to attendees. While it is easy to be a bit jealous of those receiving a free Chromebook Pixel, there are other reasons to be jealous. For one, Google I/O also has these sessions called fireside chats. The nice part about these, the topics are focused and given by those who are regularly working with that particular item, whether it be hardware of software.

MedRef Google Glass app brings facial recognition

The ability to look at a person and get details seems to be a feature that many would expect with Google Glass. While something along those lines may eventually arrive for use in a wide variety of places, it looks like we are getting our first look at a Glass app using facial recognition. This app is called MedRef for Glass and as implied by the name -- this one is aimed at the medical profession.
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