Project Glass

Google Glass production could shift to Motorola

Motorola recently unveiled their first smartphone that was created under Google. That handset was the Moto X and while we have yet to see what the public reaction will be once the handset comes available, it is looking like Motorola may have the opportunity to help Google produce some other hardware. The details are coming by way of a recent report in The Wall Street Journal and are pointing towards Motorola helping produce Google Glass.

OpenGlass project shows Google Glass for the visually impaired

We have seen some interesting use cases for Google Glass, but it seems to safe to think that we have yet to see them live up to what they are truly capable of doing. That true capability can be a variety of things and will likely vary from person to person. But with that in mind, the folks at OpenGlass have recently shown what Google Glass can mean for the visually impaired.

Google acquires stake in Google Glass display maker Himax

Google has acquired a 6.3 percent share in Himax Display Technologies, with a future option to get another 8.5 percent. First things first though as some many not be familiar with the Himax name. They produce liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) chips and modules that are used in items including the heads-up display and pico projectors as well as the head-mounted display.

Google posts Glass FAQ page for the curious

If you're the proud owner of a set of Google Glass wearable technology, or are considering spending the $1,500 to get yourself a pair, the new frequently asked questions site should help you out. Google's wearable glasses are a novelty item that many want to get their hands-on, but how well do they actually work, what do they do, security concerns and more are all addressed.

Google Glass XE7 hands-on: Web browsing and better voice controls

Being July 1st Google is right on schedule and has issued another update out for Google Glass. Keeping true to their monthly update promise today they've delivered a pretty solid set of improvements. This time around focusing on voice commands and controls, after all Glass is mainly a hands-free device, and they've added web browsing. As Google put it, we can do "MOAR MOAR MOAR" with Glass.

Google Glass taken into the operating room

This can be likely be filed under the 'it had to happen sooner or later' category, however it looks like one surgeon has recently taken Google Glass into the operating room. This case, which is believed to be the first seems to have been done more in a attempt to show it is possible. Needless to say, the surgeon did make it clear that it is possible to use Google Glass during live surgery.
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