Project Glass

Google Glass going to five nonprofits for real world problem solving

A big portion of the Google Glass news seems to circle around when they will launch for the public, what the price will be when they arrive and what the next big update will bring in terms of new features. Well, it looks like Google Glass is heading to a handful of nonprofits for some real world problem solving. This setup is being referred to as "Google Giving Through Glass" but it could also do a bit to change the opinion and thoughts that some may have about Glass.

Google Glass firmware teardown teases new commands and more

The Google Glass XE10 update arrived a short time back and while there were some new features detailed, it looks like there may have also been some hints as to what was to come. We often see these smaller, or somewhat hidden items discussed shortly after the official release. This happen because the firmware gets torn apart and dissected.

Google Glass XE10 expected to bring official third-party app support

Google has been rolling out updates for Glass every month with the previous being XE9. That one arrived earlier in the month and it removed the need for a tethering plan. Anyway, there is still a few weeks before the next update is expected to arrive, but it looks like some details have already begun leaking. Following the pattern, this update will be arriving as XE10 and according to new reports, it will focus on third-party apps.

Blue Google Glass app delivers baseball info when you’re watching live

Because watching a baseball game live doesn't afford you all the information you need, developer Aaron Draczynski created an app for Google Glass that would give you that authentic TV or online viewing experience even when your out there in the front lines. This Blue app delivers information right to your Glass to make sure you never miss a beat while you keep your eye on the ball.

MyGlass companion app update brings Google Glass remote control

Google has recently updated the MyGlass companion app. While it would have been nicer to see an update that more users would be able to take advantage of -- this one does bring an interesting new feature. And if nothing else, it does give future Google Glass users something to look forward to seeing. This latest MyGlass update adds the ability to remotely control Google Glass using the app on your smartphone.
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