Project Glass

Google Glass development kit teaser reveals new Glassware

Google has recently shared a video offering a sneak peek at the Glass Development Kit. The video measures in a little shy of 40 minutes and has Glass Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan talking about new details of the Glass SDK. The important aspect here, while this is a talk from a recent Glass Hackathon event, this video offers a decent look at what can be expected from a consumer standpoint.

Google Glass Play Music support and Glass Earbuds confirmed

There had been some recent talk about how the Google Glass XE11 update was setting the path for Play Music support. At the time that talk was based on details discovered by users taking a deep dive in the update, however a more recent update has confirmed the support. The details have been shared on the official +GoogleGlass page and are asking users to "look for an email in the next few weeks."

Google Glass orientations to take place via Google+ Hangouts

There has been quite some activity on the Google Glass front recently, with Google announcing a 2.0 version of its hardware, official accessories, as well as opening up its program to even more people. Now the company is putting into motion yet another big change in its program that will no longer require Google Explorers, the collective term for its pre-release testers, to personally pick up their shiny new eyewear.

Google Glass v2 hardware now arriving for Explorers

Google has yet to offer a public launch date for Glass, however they recently began opening the Explorer program a bit. Basically, hinting the program is going smooth. Anyway, Google mentioned that existing Explorers would be able to invite up to three more friends into the world of Glass. And along with that, there was also mention of updated hardware.

Google Glass hardware refresh coming with additional invites for Explorers

While Google has yet to confirm a public launch date for Glass, they have recently detailed some upcoming changes for the Explorer program. It looks like the program will soon be opening up for new members. Not to mention, there will be some new hardware coming. And in a bit of better news, existing Explorers will be able to do a one-time swap to get the updated model.

Samsung patent filing details Google Glass competitor

A Samsung patent filing has recently been discovered for a pair of "sport glasses." This particular filing is coming out of Korea and was registered in October. More to the point though, the fling included some basic details along with a few sketches. These appear like they are similar to Google Glass and the filing mentions smartphone connectivity as well as some of the functionality.
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