Project Glass

Google Glass camera gets live preview framing

While Google Glass has been expanding into the hands of more and more people lately, we cannot help but keep an eye on the development side. After all, in theory, the more developers create before Glass is readily available to the public, the more attractive they will be to the average user. One developer, Paul O'Brien from MoDaCo has recently released an app that should appeal to those taking lots of pictures.

Google Glass prescription frames shown by Google employee

Google seems to be doing a good job at keeping Glass in the news. And while Google has yet to offer much in terms of when Glass will be available for the general public, they do seem to be inching closer towards that time. But for now, there are still some key issues that need to be worked out. One example here are the prescription frames. But with that in mind, it looks like one Google employee may have shown those off a bit early.

Lumus DK-40 wearable glasses teased

Wearables seem to be a growing trend lately. But within the space there are different options. There are fitness trackers and smartwatches as well as glasses. The big name in the glass space is Google, with Glass. But there are others such as Vuzix who recently began accepting pre-orders for the M100 from non-developers. While those are two examples, we also have Lumus.

Vuzix M100 smart glass non-developer pre-orders begin

We saw talk of the Vuzix M100 smart glasses all the way back to 2012 when they were said to be arriving as a challenger to Google Glass. We did spend a bit of hands-on time with the glasses in January during CES, however there wasn't much chatter otherwise. We did see Vuzix begin shipping the M100 smart glasses to gold-level developers earlier in the year, however as of today we have a bit of good news for non-developers.

Google Glass development kit teaser reveals new Glassware

Google has recently shared a video offering a sneak peek at the Glass Development Kit. The video measures in a little shy of 40 minutes and has Glass Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan talking about new details of the Glass SDK. The important aspect here, while this is a talk from a recent Glass Hackathon event, this video offers a decent look at what can be expected from a consumer standpoint.

Google Glass Play Music support and Glass Earbuds confirmed

There had been some recent talk about how the Google Glass XE11 update was setting the path for Play Music support. At the time that talk was based on details discovered by users taking a deep dive in the update, however a more recent update has confirmed the support. The details have been shared on the official +GoogleGlass page and are asking users to "look for an email in the next few weeks."
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