Project Glass

Gmail chief developer heads to Google’s Project Glass team

Google's impressive new wearable technology called Project Glass has a lot of people excited. After all the small bits of information we've received it's safe to say I want a pair myself. Today we can confirm the augmented reality Project Glass team has snatched up one of Gmails head community outreach developers. Sarah Price will be going from email, to glasses.

Google’s Project Glass skydives into Google IO

Google Glass has made a surprise stop here at IO, and they are teasing live video streaming right from Project Glass. It wasn't really a surprise as we were all hoping to see the device here at IO, but not in this fashion. Google's own Sergey Brin showed up wearing them, and had a little treat for us too.

Google Project Glass to see rapid increase in testing

Google's been busy testing out some neat new gadgets that we all should know by know called Project Glass. These augmented reality type glasses allow users to do all sorts of fun things. This week it's been tipped directly from the FCC that not only is Google severely ramping up their testing, but they could be trying to get at least one version of Google Glass to pass the FCC by August of this year, not 2013.

Google Project Glass video sample revealed

Google's wasting no time showing off their new glasses that are for now being called Project Glass. You've probably seen plenty about them already but now we have actual video footage. Yes these awesome Google Glasses can take 720p video, and are looking better and better by the day. Did I mention yet that I want a pair like right this minute? Well I do!

Google stacking up patents to protect Project Glass

Today Google's Project Glass is in the news yet again. After earlier we reported on CEO Larry Page wearing them during a conference today, we are now seeing loads of news that Google's protecting their latest creation with a wide array of patents. Since we all know Google didn't patent much with Android, they look to have learned their lesson and have been granted at least 9 new patents around Google Glass.

Patent details Project Glass control with rings and tattoos

So Project Glass might not live up to the rather lofty expectations set by the preview video. But there's no denying that it's an awesome idea, and even if it flops like a one-winged seagull every geek who's ever seen The Terminator wants to try it out. In addition to patents for the basic concept, Google has added some interesting control ideas, spotted by Patentbolt. The basic idea is that visible patterns or objects on a users' hands could be used to access the user interface in the heads-up display.

Project Glass UI still in flux says Google

Google's Project Glass demonstration video is the stuff of dreams, in both a literal and figurative sense. Speaking with CNET, a spokesperson admitted that the augmented reality, full vision overlay seen in the project's most visible demonstration thus far isn't quite what the real thing looks like. It's being described as floating "above" the user's line of vision, about the same place where you'd normally see the edge of an umbrella or hat brim.

Project Glass shows impressive hands-free photo

Charlie Rose has many sterling qualities, but the ability to hurl him around oneself like a sack of potatoes is not one of them. That's why this Project Glass sample photo from Google Fellow Sebastian Thrun is more interesting than the one he took live on the news show, because it illustrates the utility behind a camera that's truly hands-free. You couldn't snap this one with your smartphone unless you were okay with your son flying off in a literal example of a mathematical tangent.
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