Project Glass

Google Glass ban attracts attention for one Seattle bar

Google Glass has already been discussed in terms of privacy, and the potential lack thereof for the person that would be in presence of someone wearing the glasses. Of course, many could argue that the same could be said for many other things such as smartphones and even security cameras. But on that note, at least one Seattle business has taken a proactive approach and banned the glasses.

Google Glass app to recognize friends using motion and clothing

We saw some Google Glass information released directly from the source back in February. It was the Google created video that offered a look at 'How it Feels (through Glass)' and since then it seems the Glass related talk has accelerated. Since that point we have seen bits about Google Glass getting some style as well as a mock-up coming from Jet Blue and a parody coming by way of Amazon. As of today we have a bit more to think about in terms of Glass.

Amazing ‘How guys will use Google Glass’ parody hits the web

If you're sick of all those Harlem Shake clips, you'll want to check this video out. So we all know Google's Project Glass is awesome. Right? The augmented reality headset that will be bringing the phase of wearable technology into our lives all led by Android, Google Now, and our voices. We're huge fans of Google's Project Glass, and this new parody video that hit the web earlier this week is a must see. It's called How guys will use Google Glass.

JetBlue mock up shows Google Glass in airports

Google gave a bit of a look at Glass a short while back when they released the How It Feels video. Whether this is how you had expected Glass to be, we think most will agree that video was able to provide a level of expectation as to how they will function in daily use. Still, there are some unknowns and other use cases that we have yet to see. One being while traveling. Enter the latest mock up from Jet Blue.

Google Now and Project Glass are potentially the future of Android

Google Now has been one of our favorite features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and I'm pretty sure we're not alone in that thinking either. Google's continued to update and improve both the feature in general, as well as all the backend services. However, today our very own Chris Davies and sister site SlashGear sat down with Google's Matias Duarte to talk Google Now, Project Glass, and more.

Google Glass will tether through Android smartphones

Google Glass is going to be Google's 2013 game-changing phenomenon when it rolls out at the end of this year. The new accessory will be priced somewhere around $1500, meaning that the average consumer may opt against purchasing it. It offers a bunch of nifty features, like being able to do a quick search, navigating the streets via a turn-by-turn overlay, and being able to take pictures and record video with voice commands and/or a few button clicks.

Project Glass patent shows new stylish eyewear

Earlier today we reported that Google was looking to improve their awesome augmented reality glasses by making them a bit more stylish and fashionable. Because no matter how great they are, people need to want to wear them. Well this evening we're now seeing a new patent that gives us an idea of what they're aiming for, as well as what Project Glass could look like on a nice frame.

Google looks to bring fashion sense to Project Glass

Google's exciting Project Glass augmented reality device is slowly but surely gaining more and more interest from the public, while also getting closer to actually being able to be purchased. I'm sure many of you would jump at the opportunity to wear these smart glasses, myself included, but Google's next step is to give Project Glass some style.
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