Project Glass

Google Glass specs revealed, offers 16GB of storage and 5MP camera

As we noted on Monday, Google has proclaimed the rumors that Glass Explorer edition devices will begin shipping soon to be true, with some of them possibly having been shipped today, and the rest slated to follow in waves over the coming weeks. The Internet giant followed the announcement up with the release of Mirror API documentation and sample code, and has now released a support page that (finally) details Glass's tech specs.

Google Glass Explorer edition gets official – starts shipping today

We have some excellent news being delivered right into our inbox today regarding the popular and exciting Google Glass. While we've heard a few reports that they could begin shipping within the next month, today Google has confirmed exactly that. That isn't all either, they confirmed that the developer Explorer edition hardware and software is final, already being produced and some could start shipping to developers as soon as today.

Google Glass shipping to developers within the next month

Just in time for the annual Google I/O developer event that will be taking place in late May, it appears that some lucky developers will have Google's prized Project Glass augmented reality glasses. Today at a Google Ventures event it was stated that the Explorer Edition Google Glass would begin shipping within the next month. Time to get excited and see what it can really do.

Google Glass SXSW demonstration video now available for viewing

SXSW may have already ended, however it is just now that we are being given the opportunity to check out the "Building New Experiences with Glass" talk from the event. This talk came courtesy of Timothy Jordan who is a Developer Advocate with Project Glass. The talk measures in at just over 50 minutes in length and appears to put a bit more realistic view on the glasses.

Google starts sending Glass Explorer Edition challenge invites out

Today the folks from Google have confirmed that their Project Glass #ifihadglass challenge that has been going on has finally come to a close. After starting up a challenge a few weeks ago asking individuals and developers to share what they'd do if they had glass, they received tons of amazing ideas. The winners will be joining the Explorer Edition crowd and getting their own pair of Glass.

Google confirms Project Glass will play nice with prescription eyewear

Today Google is at it again giving us more details and another look at Project Glass. They've been rather open and sharing more details on the new technology than we had expected, and today Google is clearing up the prescription lenses issue once and for all. We've heard Google Glass won't work with prescription eyewear, and we've also heard it will. Today Google confirmed with a photo it will indeed support those too.
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