Project Glass

Tweet by Glass tips incoming App for Google Glass

Who is ready to start tweeting and sharing photos from Google Glass? We need a pair first, then hopefully we'll be doing just that. It isn't the biggest news in the world but it appears that the folks from Twitter are indeed building a native Twitter app specifically for Google Glass. They want you sharing all that first-person content and photos as fast as humanly possible, so this makes perfect sense.

Google intentionally left Glass unlocked

Last week brought news that Google Glass was rooted and unlocked. And well, coming by way of updates from a pair of Google employees, it seems that isn't exactly as exciting as it originally sounded. You see, Google Glass was apparently left unlocked on purpose. The updates here began with one from Dan Morrill, which was later simplified by Stephen Lau.

Google Glass predicted to ship by the millions

Everyone wants a pair of Google Glass. Right? While most of the general public probably has absolutely no idea what "Project Glass" actually is, many of us tech fans are patiently awaiting these next-gen wearable electronics to arrive. And in fact, they are already here for some. Google's recently started shipping Glass to developers, and now we're hearing the could sell over 10 million in the next few years.

Google Glass consumer launch expected in 2014

While Google Glass deliveries have recently begun on a limited basis, it looks like regular consumers still have a bit of waiting. In fact, recent comments coming from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt suggest average consumers will not be able to get their hands on Google Glass until sometime in 2014. The catch here is we have yet to see a specific date, or even a narrowed down timeframe for release.

Google Glass companion app reveals hints of a Google Games service

Google recently released the MyGlass app, which is the app those with Google Glass will need to use for configuration and management. Well, as we often see with newly released (or leaked) apps, someone tears into the APK and as such -- we often see some extra goodies. Quite often these have something to do with the app itself, however in this case it looks like the MyGlass APK teardown doesn't even touch on what may come with the future of Google Glass.

Google Glass Explorer unboxing and sample videos hit the web

Earlier this week Google told us that their prized Project Glass would finally become a reality for those who pre-ordered last year at Google I/O. Stating that Google Glass was being pulled off the production floor and headed to a few lucky developers. While we patiently await ours to arrive, check out the first ever Google Glass unboxing video below, and even some video of glass recording Go Kart racing. It's pretty epic!
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