Project ARA

Watch Google’s Project Ara conference live on your lunch break

You’ve got some time to kill on your lunch break, so why not do something productive? Google’s Project Ara conference is going on now, and they’re live streaming it for everyone to see. The new era of smartphones is wildly interesting, and breathes some fresh air into admittedly tired lungs.

Google’s Project ARA detailed at Launch conference

What if hardware were more like software? Interesting concept, and it’s really the best way we know to describe Google ARA. By creating a modular hardware platform for consumers, Google hopes we’ll get the phone we want, along with the ability to change that device when we like. When you stop to consider the possibilities, it’s a bold new world.

Project Ara slated for launch in early 2015

Given the recent developer conference announcement, we realized Google is quite intent on turning Project Ara into an actual product for sale. What we didn't know was how close it actually is to doing that. Now the Project Ara lead, Paul Eremenko, has revealed that a functional prototype will be ready within weeks and that a finished commercial product could be out in the market by the first quarter next year.

Google’s Project ARA to get first Developer’s Conference this April

Project ARA, Google’s plug-and-play smartphone project, is gaining momentum. Via a series of Developers conferences throughout 2014, Google wants to bring Developers from all over the world into the ARA mix. Held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, it will also have a lifestream for those interested.