App in Google Play Store carries Certifi-gate vulnerability

We still haven’t fully recovered from the fright that Stagefright has given us, when news of another vulnerability called Certifi-gate was revealed by CheckPoint three weeks ago. Now, apparently an app (which of course has since then been shut down) was able to bypass Google’s security measures and got published on the Google Play Store, containing this infection. Recordable Activator is the app, and it apparently was able to use a plugin from TeamViewer that’s why it was able to get past Google.

“Highly secure” Blackphone 2 coming this September

If security and privacy is a major thing for you, whether it’s for work reasons or for personal reasons (hey, no judgement here), then you’re probably familiar with Silent Circle and its line of apps like Silent Text and Silent Phone. You of course know then that they released their first smartphone, the Blackphone, last year. Now, the newer version, the Blackphone 2 is set to arrive in the market this September, after being launched at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

Firefox intends to protect more of your data, features in pre-beta

Mozilla still hasn’t given up on its browser product Firefox, which is good to know. Competition is still needed in this part of the game, and it’s good that Mozilla can still keep Google on its toes. Mozilla is currently testing new privacy features in its pre-beta versions of Firefox, which aims to protect the users better in the Private Browsing mode.

Kaboom app makes your photos and messages online vanish

Sharing photos, statuses, and messages online is easy nowadays. Doing so has actually become part of our everyday lives that whether you admit or not, you post something in any of your social media accounts anything about your life or anything that just happened. I don't know how often you share and to what extent but I hope your friends don't think it's TMI.

BBM adds private messages to its new subscription service

Blackberry's BBM service has continued to be its "prime product" as they constantly update it with new features that would appeal to those who rely on messaging services to communicate with colleagues and loved ones. What differentiates them though is that they have subscription services for those who would like a little more than what the free messaging services offer. The latest one includes a new Private Chat feature that will "protect" you and your chatmate since there are no names involved.

Researchers able to hack into Samsung, LG smartwatches

Smartwatches may not be as ubiquitous now as smartphones and tablets, but they are already slowly seeping their way into our digital consciousness. Most users are secure in the knowledge that the information and data that gets transmitted from their smartphones to their wearables are encrypted and secure. Well, you might rethink that, particularly if you're using an LG and Samsung smartwatch, as a group of researchers were able to hack into it as part of their study and experiment on encryption.

Uber’s new privcay policy will be easier to understand

When you deal with a service that require certain sensitive information about the user which are necessary to providing said service, it's important that the privacy policies you have are both iron clad and can be understood by the "simplest" of users. Car service app Uber has just announced that they are revamping their policies, but only to make it simpler and easier to understand. They are also applying changes to make way for their new services.
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