T-Mobile Galaxy Tab: $399 on contract, $649 without

The much hyped Samsung Galaxy Tab, that is coming later this year to the US, has had it’s pricing (finally) revealed. According to the screen shot of an internal T-Mobile page, the pricing has been revealed to be $399 on contract, and $649 without.

Samsung Galaxy Tab retailing at £599.99 say insiders

We know it’s coming, we know what it features and we are very excited about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, the one thing we have yet to find out is a price for the 7-inch tablet. The company behind the UK retailers Currys, Dixons, and PC World has stated that the SIM-free, off-contract price at £599.99 ($950) Interestingly, this is more than the 16GB iPad 3G in the UK. No word yet on which carriers will be launching the device in the UK or a price point but we do know that it will be arriving in the UK starting the first of November. Expect further word on this from Samsung, or any of the carriers in the US, or overseas in the coming weeks as we get closer to the devices official launch. But it seems for now, a Tab without a contract will not be a cheap alternative to the iPad. Android Community Hands-on: [Via SlashGear]

Galaxy Tab A La Carte Pricing Revealed? Don’t be too excited…

We know the Galaxy Tab is looking to be a very impressive device. From the screen size, to the functionality, to it running our favorite mobile OS, it’s an all around amazing device. Well it seems that AT&T has begun training it’s employees to ready them for sale of the tablet. Word is that the à la carte data pricing structure has been released as well, let’s just say they are far, far, from impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Could Be around $200 to $400

By the looks of things, the Galaxy tab might not be as expensive as what we were hearing last week. Samsung is whispering things that point to the Galaxy Tab costing at the $200 to $400 dollar range. We are also positive that the different storage sizes will make a difference in the pricing.

Verizon Fascinate September 9th $199

So just as expected it looks like the Fascinate will be available on the 9th of September. With the leaked screenshot it looks like you will have to come up with $200 dollars, and a signature on the dotted line to commit yourself into 2 years. Still not confirmed, what the pricing will be full retail if you decide you might want to get this as a pre-paid phone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing And Full Spec List

Samsung has been hush-hush on pricing since the Galaxy Tab was announced this morning. Probably, because they are working with carriers to get it at subsidized pricing. This has not kept some stores online from putting it up for pre-order though. The pricing looks like it will be ranging from €699 ($890) to €799 ($1,020) in Europe. In the UK, the retailer Expansys is taking pre-orders at £680 ($1,050). They are saying that the tablet will be available around the 11th of October, and we are thinking that pricing seems a little rich for our blood. It is a little more money than the iPad but, we are really thinking that Samsung is focusing on working with the carriers to get it at a cheaper rate. Anyways, we are still glad to see that it is being sold as a stand alone device and not just as a subsidized device. No mention on the US info yet but in due time we will know. If you would like to see the specifications they are listing about the tablet, hit up the gallery below. [via Android And Me] [gallery]

T-Mobile G2 Pricing Leaked

So today we have more leaked info from the T-Mobile G2 from HTC that is rumored to be available late September early October. The pricing is showed to be $199 with a 2-year death sentence we are guessing, and $499 full retail we suspect.
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