Android smartphones now average less than half the cost of iPhones

Though the actual price of your Android phone can be obfuscated by subsidies, a new study sheds light on just what you’re paying for your device. When it comes to Android, the average price is less than half of what we’re getting with an iPhone. While encouraging for Android fans, the data serves as a misnomer to equitable comparison.

Moto Maker opens for online orders, full retail Moto X for $579

The Moto X design studio simply named Moto Maker is nothing new, and you should all know plenty about it by now. Being able to completely customize your new AT&T Moto X smartphone. Well, until today you could only order a phone in select AT&T stores (on-contract) and then proceed to the design studio, but today it's open to the public and we also have full retail pricing.

Moto X pricing tipped to undercut the Nexus 4

We know nearly everything there is to know at this point about the exciting and upcoming smartphone from Motorola and Google. The Moto X will be their first main push together, and until this moment we've seen leaks on everything from screen size, specs, customizations, and even Google's own Eric Schmidt carrying one around. However, we still don't know a price.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini UK pricing confirmed

We've only officially known about the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini for a few hours now, but instead of having to wait weeks for pricing information, we're getting some details on the UK price courtesy of retailer Clove. The Galaxy S III Mini will cost £249 if you're buying from Clove, but after VAT, that price is bumped up to £298.80. That's pricing for a SIM-free version too, which isn't all that bad.

US Cellular’s HTC Flyer tablet takes off on October 7th

Regional carriers are often a little behind the times when it comes to the latest devices, but US Cellular customers usually get a pretty good assortment of new toys to play with. Come October 7th (tomorrow), they can add the HTC Flyer Gingerbread tablet to the list. The 7-inch tablet will cost $399 after a $100 mail-in-rebate at its lowest.

Motorola DROID Bionic Laptop Dock Priced at $299

Uh oh, I don't know about you guys but I still feel this is way to expensive if it turns out to be accurate. Sources are now coming forward claiming the Motorola Droid Bionic laptop webdock will be priced at $299.97 come launch. I feel this is a bit expensive especially when the phone will also be priced at $299. When the Atrix Dock was announced at $499 and even discounted to $350 bundled with the phone it was still too high and users were hoping for something better this time around.

Virgin Mobile takes on T-Mobile with another Ad Campaign [Video]

I don't know about you reader but I personally like the T-Mobile Carly commercials as of late. A nice replacement for Catherine Zeta Jones if you ask me. Over at Virgin Mobile they feel differently about those commercials and that magenta colored dress and have a few of their own ad campaigns to prove it. Recently we've seen a few attacks come out of Virgin Mobile aimed directly at T-Mobile and their pricing.
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