HTC One unlocked edition gets random $25 price increase

Well that's just a bummer. Recently it appears that team HTC has decided not to lower the price of their new handset, but actually increase it. The fully unlocked HTC One over on the HTC store went up in price this week from $574.99 to $600. There's no official word as to why we are seeing a price hike, but we have a few ideas as to why.

T-Mobile’s $99 GALAXY S 4 might sound good, but is it cheapest?

So now that Samsung's officially unveiled their new flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone, the question is where should you get one? This week T-Mobile announced their new strategy moving forward along with their "UNcarrier" plans for mobile users, so we figured a quick AT&T comparison was in order. AT&T's GALAXY S 4 goes up for pre-order in April for $249, while T-Mobile is asking just $99 - so who's cheaper in the long run? Read on to find out.

ASUS offering cash vouchers for Nexus 7 buyers in Europe

When Google announced that their Nexus 7 tablet would be getting a price drop on October 29th, and that the 8GB model would be replaced with a 16GB offering it was good news. Sadly, many paid $249 for the 16GB model only to see it drop in price a few days later -- and I'm sure a few were upset. In Europe ASUS has confirmed they'll be rewarding vouchers to those who purchased before October 29th.

LG Nexus 4 leaks again with £389 price tag and two color options

It seems that Google and LG's Nexus 4 just can't manage to stay out of the news. The new flagship LG smartphone that will be Google's newest Nexus is going to be unveiled to the world on Monday at Google's Android event, but we've seen more leaks the past two weeks than I'm sure anyone had imagined. Those folks from CarphoneWarehouse are at it again. Reportedly leaking the price, and color options.

Google Nexus 7 production costs estimated at $184

When Google announced their new ASUS made Nexus 7 tablet at Google IO for the low price of just $199 there was a roar of cheers and clapping. Offering such a high quality product with top of the line specs at that price surely isn't easy. After initial reports suggested Google would make zero profit on the tablet we now have additional details.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) leak suggests $399 price tag

Earlier this week we received more than a couple of reports that the new Galaxy Tab 2, both the 7-inch and 10-inch models from Samsung had been delayed until late April. While things still seem to be on track for a late April release we now have a leaked price too. The folks from Engadget spotted the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 2 at Office Depot of all places, showing a price tag of only $399 for the Ice Cream Sandwich tablet.
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