Lenovo A line of tablets hit the US market

More than a month after Lenovo spilled the beans on the price of its upcoming budget tablets, the manufacturer has now made those available for purchase. Make no mistake, these are not your top of the line Android tablets, but they might just be the ones you need if you're on the hunt for something basic and cheap.

Amazon Prime price increase now official

Amazon may still be lacking in a few perks when it comes to Android users being able to take full advantage of Prime, but it seems to reason that many are able to look past those shortcomings. For those who may be wondering, we are referring to the lack of a way to watch Prime streaming video. Moving on, it seems Amazon has made the once-rumored price increase official.

Android smartphones now average less than half the cost of iPhones

Though the actual price of your Android phone can be obfuscated by subsidies, a new study sheds light on just what you’re paying for your device. When it comes to Android, the average price is less than half of what we’re getting with an iPhone. While encouraging for Android fans, the data serves as a misnomer to equitable comparison.

LG G Pad 8.3 tipped to compete with the Nexus 7, priced at $299

LG is aiming right at the new Google Nexus 7 with their G Pad tablet in terms of specs, and if the latest reports are accurate it sounds like they'll do the same with the price. After announcing their first tablet in years, the LG G Pad 8.3 earlier this month with no details on a price, today we're hearing the impressive well-rounded Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean tablet might launch for just $299.
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