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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch priced at $309… on QVC

"Let me tell you something, home shoppers, we have got an amazing deal for you today. This here's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, that's the second version of the Galaxy Tab, with a ginormous 7-inch screen. That's like an iPad, ladies and gentlemen, but it fits in your purse. Now I'm not supposed to do this, but just for you, today, we're gonna price this fantastic computer thingy at - what was that, Lucile? Really? Wow folks, you've got an amazing deal here. We're going to price this 7-inch Samsung tablet at a fantastic three hundred and nine dollars. Call us right now - our operators are standing by, and these won't last long. Pick one up for your grandkids!"

Mobiado Releases a Luxury Nexus S, Calls it the Grand Touch

We have seen a few luxury brands in the past release some awesome smartphones but this one might just be one of the better ones we've seen yet. A little gold plating and Gingerbread goes a long ways if you ask me. What we have here is the Samsung Nexus S outfitted with Mobiado's touch of class. The pictures say it all.

SlashGear Reviews Spring Design Alex

The Spring Design Alex looks to take on the big names in the eReader world with their latest Android powered eBook. The guys over at Slashgear put together a nice in-depth review of this device. The Alex can be yours for a price tag of $399. This is a nice device but I’m not sure if this is worth the aforementioned price even with its specs and their partnership with Borders.


This is probably the best deal around the web right now for any piece of technology. You can now head over to Amazon and purchase a Droid Incredible for $99 with activation and a new 2 year contract. And with many Verizon stores being sold out, this may be the quickest way for you to get your hands on this hot Android handset.

Pasen Android MID5

Android is continuing is assault in the MID/Tablet market. This one comes from a company that is known for (knockoffs) MP4’s. But, this thing looks really good and I would imagine there are a few people that would love to get their hands on it.

LogMeIn Remote Access App for Android Coming Soon?

There is a new version of the LogMeIn Remote Access Application being developed for Android. This app will allow your Android-based device to control your work or home PC from almost anywhere in the world. You will also have the ability manipulate any program that is on your desktop or laptop right from your Android device.

ARCHOS reveals its two Android tablets

We discussed in the past the possibility of a second Archos Android Tablet, looks like the rumor has come true. Archos has just confirmed that there are plans for an Archos 7 and 8. But the Archos 8 will be a photo frame outfitted with Android.