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Verizon drops Motorola DROID BIONIC to free

If you're looking for a great deal on a Verizon LTE phone... keep looking. On the other hand, if you're one of the handful of people whose heart is still set on the Motorola DROID BIONIC, then today is your lucky day. The phone has dropped in price to free on-contract. It's been eight months since Moto's first LTE device debuted on Verizon, though it's been considerably longer since it was announced - the BIONIC had an unusually long gestation period. For the uninitiated, the Motorola DROID BIONIC packs a dual-core 1GHz processor, 4.3-inch 960x540 display, a full gigabyte of RAM and an 8 megapixel rear camera. The storage is a still-decent 16GB, and it can be extended a further 32GB with a MicroSD card. The BIONIC was one of Verizon's first LTE devices, and as far as specs go is still a pretty powerful one. Even so, the BIONIC became one of the most disappointing releases of last year.

DROID RAZR MAXX drops to $199 on-contract

Though it's far from perfect, the DROID RAZR MAXX currently sits pretty high on Android Community's list of favorite devices. (I'm carrying one as my daily driver - what higher praise can I give?) Though the phone and its gigantic battery had stayed at the $299 mark even as the original DROID RAZR dropped to a C-Note, it appears that Verizon has officially reduced the price to $199.99 today. Naturally you'll need to sign a new two-year contract to qualify.

Barnes & Noble introduces $199 Nook Tablet with 8GB of storage

If you've been looking at the increasingly crowded cheap 7-inch reader/tablet market, there's a new option at the all-important $199 price point. Barnes & Noble just lowered the Nook Tablet to a $199.99 price point, if you're OK with built-in storage falling from 16GB to 8GB. That gives the new dual-core Tablet, introduced in November of 2011, the same price and capacity as the original Nook Color, introduced back in 2010. Or at least it was the same price before this morning: the Nook Color now retails at $169.

Verizon leaks DROID 4 prices: $199.99 on contract, $549.99 without

We know some of you have been waiting for a high-end QWERTY phone on Verizon's LTE network for months. It looks like that wait is finally (finally!) coming to a close, and we can expect to see Motorola's DROID 4 show up in Verizon stores in the middle of February. A new leak at Droid Life shows how much you'll be spending for the privilege: $199.99 with a new two-year contract, or $549.99 without any commitments. Verizon's standard tiered voice, text and data plans will almost certainly apply to the latest DROID phone.

Verizon Wireless axes $2 convenience fee — that was fast

I've tried not to use this word too many times but for this one we can say #winning. This is a score for all of us -- the good guys. After Verizon announced they'd start charging a ridiculous $2.00 fee as a "convenience fee" for customers paying their bill online and a few various other methods there was a huge backlash and plenty of bad PR that surrounded it. It appears that Verizon has listened because today they've already axed that plan.

Motorola DROID XYBOARD tablets get a $50 price cut

When I reviewed the Motorola DROID XYBOARD a couple of weeks ago, I was impressed with just about everything - except the ridiculous on-contract price. Verizon seems to have gotten the message (possibly after some less than stellar sales) and have lowered the contract price for both the 10.1-inch and 8.2-inch models by $50 each. Unfortunately, it looks like the name is staying put.

NOOK Color officially drops to $199, goes head to head with Kindle Fire

Just like the leaked internal deck predicted, the venerable Nook Color is getting a price drop now that the Nook Tablet is official. The original will cost just $199, going head-to-head with the Amazon Kindle Fire while the Nook Tablet competes with some superior specs at $249. The price has already dropped on Barnes & Noble's NOOK website. Also included is a major update to the Nook Color software, which is still getting some impressive support a year after its initial release. Netflix support is coming in the next firmware update, with Hulu Plus support scheduled in the next few months - both of which the Kindle Fire lacks, relying instead on Amazon Instant Video.  The ebook and app libraries already on offer will be streamlined with new interfaces and social suggestions. At this point, the two bookselling giants have products that directly compete at the $200 level, while Amazon dips below $100 with the ad-based Kindle and Barnes & Noble taking the high road with the Nook Tablet. All the models of the Nook, including the Nook SimpleTouch at a reduced $99, run modified versions of Android, making them prime targets for enthusiastic modders and ROM developers. At $199 for a light tablet with an IPS screen, the Nook Color is still a pretty good deal - unless you're already set on Amazon's universe of content and apps.

AT&T drops HTC Vivid & Samsung Skyrocket prices by $100

When AT&T announced its first smartphones to take advantage of its new fancy-pants LTE network, a few balked at the $199 and $249 prices for the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, respectively. Well, rejoice bargain hunters: the price for each has dropped by a cool $100. That makes the Vivid just $99.99 and the Skyrocket $149.99 - not bad for a pair of phones with specs that are just shy of the top of the line.
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