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LG Nexus 4 gets $100 price drop [UPDATE]

Lowering the price of older devices is nothing extraordinary. But when it is done in the sight of a public that is eagerly anticipating a newer model, the Internet is set ablaze. Such is the case of the Nexus 4 whose price tag has just been slashed by $100.

Nexus 7 retail price drop brings next-generation speculation

Signs have been pointing towards a new Nexus 7 tablet for some time now and it looks like we are now getting another. This latest is a retail price cut which has come by way of Staples. Granted, this is just one price cut from one retailer, however when combined with the other recent leaks which included an FCC filing it starts getting easier to speculate.

HP Slate 7 price drop makes it harder to consider the Nexus 7

It would be nice to pretend to live in a world where price doesn't matter, but that is often a key deciding factor when it comes to getting new gadgets. With that in mind, price drops on existing gadgets are generally welcomed and it looks like HP has done just that with the Slate 7 tablet. This price drop is for the 8GB and 16GB model, which are now priced at $139.99 and $169.99 respectively.

Galaxy S III drops to $99.99 with Verizon Wireless

Price cuts are not a new concept. We often see price cuts arrive for existing models shortly before a new model is released. In this case we happen to be referring to the Galaxy S III, of which we are now waiting for the GALAXY S 4 to be released. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, the carriers seem to be lowering the price of the Galaxy S III.

ASUS offering cash vouchers for Nexus 7 buyers in Europe

When Google announced that their Nexus 7 tablet would be getting a price drop on October 29th, and that the 8GB model would be replaced with a 16GB offering it was good news. Sadly, many paid $249 for the 16GB model only to see it drop in price a few days later -- and I'm sure a few were upset. In Europe ASUS has confirmed they'll be rewarding vouchers to those who purchased before October 29th.

T-Mobile to lower prices of several Android devices for holiday season

T-Mobile is prepping for the upcoming holiday season by dropping prices of many of its most popular devices, at least according to a report from BriefMobile. The report comes from an internal memo sent to T-Mobile employees. Popular devices such as the HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and Samsung Galaxy S III will see price drops very soon for T-Mobile customers eligible for an upgrade or those opening a new account.

HTC One X dropped to $99 on AT&T

If you're looking for an awesome smartphone for a low price, the folks from HTC and AT&T might have exactly what you need. Just in time for summer to be coming to an end AT&T has slashed the price on their flagship HTC One X smartphone in half. From $199 to just $99 bucks on a new 2-year contract.
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