TextNow launches prepaid IP-based mobile service plans

TextNow has expanded from being an app that offered WiFi based calling and messaging to a standalone service. This is arriving as a no-contract setup and will be using the existing TextNow SMS and voice infrastructure. Well, that along with a 3G network for times when you are outside of a WiFi connection. Of course, perhaps the bigger story here is the pricing -- service begins at $19 per month.

Kyocera Hydro Edge and Galaxy Prevail II confirmed for Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has confirmed the availability Samsung Galaxy Prevail II and Kyocera Hydro Edge this morning. The Galaxy Prevail II is available for purchase as of today and the Kyocera Hydro Edge will be arriving in the not to distant future. As standard practice with Boost Mobile, both of these devices will arrive contract-free. The Galaxy Prevail II will be $179.99 and the Hydro Edge will be $149.99.

ZTE Overture 4G joins the prepaid Aio Wireless lineup

Aio Wireless was launched by AT&T as a prepaid carrier setup. The original announcement came back in May and at the time Aio Wireless had a few smartphones and tablets available. While that number hasn't grown tremendously since, there has been a new addition that arrived today. The latest handset is the ZTE Overture 4G which Aio Wireless has priced at $149.99.

AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans updated

AT&T had announced some updated GoPhone plans earlier in the month and as was expected, those plans have since come available. The carrier has updated the basic/quick messaging plans, however the focus here will be on the smartphone plans -- of which there is now two new options available.

AT&T GoPhone changes bring 4G LTE devices to prepaid

Today the folks from AT&T have announced a slew of changes and improvements to their GoPhone prepaid plans and lineup of smartphones. We've been hearing rumors lately about what could be changing, but today they made it official. Things are about to get cheaper, and they'll also be offering 4G LTE access to prepaid customers.

MetroPCS bring-your-own-phone program launches today

MetroPCS has officially launched a BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program. Basically, this means users will now be able to bring a GSM compatible phone they already own and simply purchase the service from MetroPCS. The initial launch is being done on a limited scale and there does appear to be some fine print worth reading before you sign up for service.

AT&T GoPhone prepaid plans set to change on June 20

AT&T recently announced some changes for GoPhone users and it looks like some additional changes will be coming later in the month. The previous change added support for HSPA+ and LTE network connectivity (provided the user has a compatible handset) and this latest will be switching up the available plans. AT&T has yet to reveal all the specifics, however they have said the GoPhone plans will be changing on June 20th.
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