AT&T to fold Aio into Leap Wireless if buyout pushes through

If all goes according to AT&T's plan, new subscribers to its newly launched Aio Wireless prepaid service might see themselves shuttled off to a new company. According to an FCC filing, the carrier plans on merging its prepaid subsidiary with Leap Wireless' business if the acquisition of the latter proves to be successful.

Aio Wireless service now available nationwide

Aio Wireless had previously announced they were getting ready to expand nationwide. And well, it looks like that expansion has happened. Coming by way of the Aio Wireless website, the service is here and all US customers can now order a phone and service plan online. Plus, Aio Wireless still has that previously announced special offer in place.

Aio Wireless going nationwide in September

Aio Wireless has just announced that will be rolling out their service throughout the US starting next month. Aio Wireless, which provides no-contract prepaid plans, is so far only available in selected markets in Tampa, Houston, and Orlando.

Virgin Mobile launches the water-friendly Reef smartphone

Virgin Mobile has released their latest Android smartphone, which coincidentally is also their first waterproof device. The handset is the Reef and it has arrived with a 4-inch display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and an IPX7 certification for protection against water. The Reef also has a relatively low contract-free price and is available for use with the Virgin Mobile plans beginning at $35 per month.
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