Nexus 7 sells out nationwide at most retailers

Google's brand new flagship Nexus 7 tablet has officially launched today. It started shipping yesterday from various UK retailers, Gamestop in the US started sending out confirmations that those who pre-ordered could pick theirs up, and Google's Play Store has begun shipping all pre-orders as of this afternoon. We are now seeing multiple retailers and sites across the US already selling out -- which is a good sign for Google but a bad sign if you haven't ordered one yet.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, more set to launch November 10

I know we only have a few more hours until we know all the dirty details on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but now we have what could confirm the releases dates for the hero phone, not to mention the DROID RAZR, HTC Rezound and more. We saw a leaked map from Verizon last week showing a $299 price but now we have another document showing all of these phones are headed to shelves come November 10th.

Motorola Droid X2 in Costco stores before Verizon [update]

It looks like Costco is getting in on some Droid X2 action also. I am sure you all know plenty about the Droid X, and its bigger brother the X2 coming this week with an improved higher resolution display and blazing fast dual-core CPU to speed things along. We recently posted about it officially heading to Verizon online and stores starting tomorrow and the 26th in store. Costco might beat them to in-store access.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Offered for Online Pre-Sale

Sprint Premier members have today received a lovely little message in their inbox, one that included a giant image of a Samsung Galaxy TAB staring back at them with a price tag of $399.99, free shipping, and pre-order goodness. This offer is limited to the next three days and is acutally $449.99 - $50 instant savings, plus requires a two-year agreement with new line activation. Data plans begin at $29.99 a month for 2GB.

Droid Pro to have presale Nov. 9, launch date is Nov. 18

Are you interested in purchasing the Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon? If so, you're going to have an opportunity to secure your device coming on November 9th. If you order in between November 9th and November 17th, you'll get your Droid Pro before the launch date, which is November 18th for those of you that were wondering. If you happen to pre-order it between those dates, you'll receive your device before the launch(devices will start to ship on November 10-11). Pricing is speculated to be at $300, but hopefully it will end up being near the unofficial standard price of smart phones which is $200. Also, the device won't be available to retail locations in Pennsylvania or Massachusetts. Not sure why, but thats just according to a picture. We will keep you updated on the Droid Pro and will have some more info as time passes by. In the meantime let us know if you do end up pre-ordering and what you think of this device. Via [AndroidCentral]