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ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet and Dock available for pre-order at Best Buy

Well folks, it appears the ASUS Transformer Prime is just popping up everywhere and today the pre-order list just got a huge member -- Best Buy! The Prime has been in the news plenty lately, and rightfully so packing a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and all. It's been available for pre-order from Gamestop for a while now but now Best Buy is ready to transform your shopping experience.

Galaxy Nexus available in the US, shipping unlocked now from Expansys

Forget pre-orders and waiting for Verizon to get their ducks in order, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) unlocked right now from a US online retailer. Yup, no shipping overseas or any of that fancy stuff. If you have the penny change ($750) you can pick up this Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich flagship device right now from Expansys in the US. Who's getting their credit card out?

Online retailer Handtec stops Galaxy Nexus shipments and confirms volume bug

Following the latest Galaxy Nexus news we still have nothing new from Verizon but we did get an update from the popular online retailer Handtec. In a statement on their official blog the British retailer has announced they've stopped all shipments of the Galaxy Nexus and have confirmed there is some sort of volume bug. We reported on this earlier this week and it appears they are finally doing something about it.

DROID RAZR pre-orders start tomorrow, ship out November 10th

Done and done. Rumors of the Motorola DROID RAZR's November 10th launch date seem to be right on the money, as Verizon has updates its DROID DOES mailing list with the happy news. Pre-orders will begin tomorrow, October 27th at 8 AM Eastern, and the note says that the phones themselves will begin shipping "no later than" the 10th of next month. No mention of retail availability was made, but you can bet that RAZRs will begin showing up in Verizon and partner stores shortly thereafter.

Galaxy Nexus pre-orders live in the UK, delivery date set for November 16th

We all know plenty about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the brilliant Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich its powered by, what you might not know is apparently a few shops already are accepting pre-orders in the UK. The popular online store not only are accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy Nexus, but have it listed as "order today for delivered on November 16th". Do they know something we don't?

Samsung Galaxy Note gets a price cut, hits UK November 1st

We have more details on that huge Samsung Galaxy Note today, not only did Samsung just release the source code but now it appears they've dropped the price too. For those looking to buy this is a good sign, and the release date in the UK has been moved from November 17th to November 1st. Online retailer the Clove announced both the price cut and that the device will be available come November 1st.

Samsung Transform Ultra gets official on Boost Mobile

While this is no Optimus Prime, or Nexus Prime for that matter, the Samsung Transform Ultra for Boost Mobile does offer more than what meets the eye. It's like having the DROID Charge but with a full QWERTY keyboard and no Verizon 4G LTE, oh and it only costs around $230 too. The Transform Ultra will be the new top-tier flagship offering over at Boost Mobile and it is available starting right now.
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