Starbucks now has Powermat charging in San Francisco stores

Since "dead battery anxiety" is now a very real struggle for a lot of smartphone owners, sometimes your choice of eating or drinking place is determined by whether or not they have wall sockets so you can do your charging. Starbucks will make their customers even happier now (well at least those who are living in the area) as they announced that all of their stores in San Francisco are now equipped with Powermat wireless charging. This is just the first step towards rolling it out to the rest of the country and soon in Europe and Asia.

Starbucks to have wireless charging through Duracell Powermat

Coffee shops are more than just about drinking coffee nowadays. It’s a place to talk and hang-out with friends, read a book on your own, and yes, to kill time while charging your gadgets. That will get even easier as Starbucks announced a national roll-out at their stores the ability to wirelessly charge their phones through the technology of Duracell Powermats, making the race to find a wall socket in the store a thing of the past.

Powermat to launch wireless charging system along with myTouch 4G Slide for T-Mobile

When it comes to charging wires really suck. I think we can all agree that it's much more convenient after a long day to just flop your smartphone onto a charge plate and walk off than having to dig around for your cable and plug your phone it. Powermat has been offering systems for a long time now that allow you to put a new case or battery door in some instances on your smartphone and then charge your phone using a mat and no wires.