Pocket update adds new languages, Immersive Mode, more

The Pocket app has recently been updated. This latest update can already be found in the Play Store and it brings a few key additions. One of those should be especially welcomed by those with a device running Android 4.4. Kit Kat. Pocket now supports Immersive Mode, which means those using Kit Kat will be able to read in fullscreen mode and with less distraction.

Pocket 5.0 gets smarter, highlights most relevant articles

Dumping items in a sort of "inbox" to process later when you have time has become one of the basic mantras of modern-day productivity systems and is the foundation of services like Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later. But that step is only half the equation, with knowing when and where to tackle which item being the other part. This latest update to Pocket brings a bit of intelligence into the service to help you pick out the best item to read at the right time and the right place.

Pocket celebrates a year with release of new features

The folks behind the Pocket app are celebrating one year. To clarify, they are celebrating the one-year anniversary of when they changed the name from Read It Later to Pocket. Regardless of the specific anniversary though, it looks like those who are using Pocket on an Android device now have an update waiting for them. In addition to the app update, this celebration also comes with some interesting comments on sharing.

Pocket for Android adds text-to-speech

Sometimes, we all get super lazy and just want somebody to read things to us. Other times, our eyes are so burned out that we can't stand to look at another sentence or we're just too busy to focus on reading something that we have to listen to it while we're working. Either way, the popular bookmarking and read-it-later app Pocket (formerly Read It Later) updated its Android app today with a new "Listen" feature that reads aloud articles to you.

Read It Later is now Pocket: we go hands-on

If you're a hardcore web user, odds are pretty good that you've got some way of managing your content so that articles, images and videos that are interesting, but not pressing, are saved for later. Android has a lot of options for this, but one of the most popular has been Read It Later, a bookmarking and sharing service that's gained millions of users over the last few years. Today Read It Later becomes Pocket, and with the branding identity change comes a brand new (and free!) app for Android. We took a look around the new Pocket to see how it stacked up to Read It Later.