Playstation App for Android coming mid-November

Gaming season is almost upon us and soon we'll be seeing the next-gen consoles out on shelves everywhere. But no modern-day gaming experience would be complete without some sort of mobile tie-in and the Playstation 4 is no different. Sony is now confirming that owners of its new console will be able to experience the added power of the Playstation app for Android late next month, depending on their region.

PlayStation 4 Remote Play will be coming to Android devices

Sony just held its press event for the PlayStation 4 and announced the many new and exciting features that will come with the console. One of the most exciting features announced was the "Remote Play" feature that allows gamers to pause their PlayStation 4 and resume gaming on a mobile device like the PlayStation Vita. Through a recent tweet from Sony, it looks like Android owners have something to gain from the PlayStation 4 as well. The tweet, from PlayStation EU, says, "PS4 companion apps for PS Vita and tablets are coming too #PlayStation2013." Also, from the image shown below, it looks like mobile phones may see Remote Play features as well.
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