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Playstation Phone Xperia Play to be Carried by Orange UK?

So it appears that some "industry sources" have spoken with Mobile Magazine and have told them that Everything Everywhere will be singing with Sony Ericsson to range the brand new PlayStation Phone (aka Xperia Play.) The device will more than likely be placed on EE's "Premium" brand in the UK: Orange. The device is also thought to be launching next month at Mobile World Congress.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone gets pre-launch teardown

Sony Ericsson still won't admit that the PlayStation Phone is real, so we're guessing the handset that has just been torn down in China is a mirage. TGBus didn't stop at snapping the XPERIA Play with some of its predecessors; they also whipped out the screwdrivers and opened the handset up. No great surprises inside, with a Qualcomm MSM7x30 chipset and Broadcom wireless. We're expecting Sony Ericsson to (sheepishly) make this gaming smartphone official at MWC 2011 next month. [via Engadget]

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone plays Resident Evil 2 on video

Having been spotted on numerous occasions in photosets, the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone has now turned up in a video showing gameplay in action. The footage, caught by Edge Magazine, shows the XPERIA Play branded handset playing ripped PS1 ROMs through an app called ROM Buddy. Whether or not the final product - which is tipped to be officially launched at MWC 2011 next month - will have that same functionality remains to be seen, but it's certainly proof that the PlayStation Phone's hardware is capable of running the full console (albeit aged) titles Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer. [youtube qSfpArW7Ic4] [via Engadget]

PlayStation Phone leaks with “PlayStation Pocket” game store

Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone - aka the XPERIA Play - has been previewed in a Chinese forum, with the handset's specifications confirmed along the way. According to IT168, the PlayStation Phone runs Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8255 paired with the Adreno 205 GPU; there's a 4-inch display running at 854 x 480, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, 512MB of RAM/ROM and a microSD card slot. There's also microUSB and dual microphones for noise cancellation, while the battery is a 1,500mAh unit. An app called PlayStation Pocket is loaded, which seems to be the gaming download store. [gallery] [via Engadget]

Sony PlayStation Xperia Play Poses for Photos, Shows off Android 2.3

The PlayStation Phone, which will be more than likely known as the Xperia Play or Zeus Zi when it launches some time in the (near?) future, isn't a big secret anymore. We know it exists in some capacity or another, and we know it's going to launch before 2012. Questions were still being asked about the software version of the device, and now it looks like we can safely assume it will be running Android 2.3 when it does hit shelves.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play to be PlayStation gaming phone?

Sony Ericsson's PlayStation phone could well launch as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, if a new batch of freshly-registered domains are anything to go by. XperiaX10Blog found Swedish PR agency - of whom Sony Ericsson is a client - Jung Relations has snapped up multiple "xperiaplay" domains, including the .com, .org, and .net. Right now there are only holding pages to be found, but we're guessing that will all change by the time the gaming smartphone is officially announced. That's expected to happen at MWC 2011 this coming February, though the actual launch is yet to be pinned down: recent sources tipped a March launch, while a new report from Pocket-lint suggests it's more likely to be April 2010, in the UK at least.

Playstation Phone Zeus Z1 Benchmarked in Clear Video (Prototype)

You all know by now there's such a thing as a Playstation phone on the way, codenamed Zeus Z1 it is, very amazing it seems to be. It's running Qualcomm's Neocore benchmark app in the video you're about to see, and oh my goodness it's managing 24.4 frames per second on average. But wait a second... that's not all that fast at all, is it now? Consider if you will the following though: this is more than likely an early build, the final software and hardware more than likely coming down the line.

PlayStation Phone coming in March?

As the Nexus S has been revealed to the Android Community we can no longer speculate about the devices upcoming features, so the internet's next device of focus is, of course, the PlayStation phone. It seems now that someone within Sony Ericcson has confirmed the device for a launch in March of 2011.
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