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Well now we've been given quite a treat here! Now that the Xperia PLAY has been released in several places around the world, it's been being ripped apart for several minutes, hours, and days, and now its guts are being distributed across the earth. What we've got here is not only the regular set of wallpaper images at full size, but several APK files ripped from the original build of this brand new Playstation phone. Have a peek below and devour!

New Xperia Ads brings gaming to life

Sony-Ericsson has released a pair of games which showcases the anytime game playing ability of the Xperia Play. In the videos, the central character is waiting at a bus stop and a restaurant, and having time to kill, he whips out his Xperia Play. Suddenly, a rather sweet looking Mustang 351 comes flying down the street, sending pedestrians running for their lives. And it looks like our hero is controlling it with his Play controls. Then, the car loses control and crashes into a brick wall. He winces, and takes a call. The commercial ends with the `Stang flying over the bus. Then there's the second ...

Xperia Play game developers get training videos in HD

Sony-Ericsson announced on their blog this week that game developers hoping to get the inside track on developing games for the Xperia Play need look no further than design3 for all  their training needs.  design3 will be offering streaming videos in HD which will train gaming developers and will take them from concept to delivery in the fastest possible time.  The design3 portal will make stream all training videos in HD for a $20 a month subscription.  And developers will have access to 3D tools, game engines, and middlewares with everything that's necessary to create games at design3's Training Center.  But they have one word of advise .. UNITY. design3 suggests that game developers start with the Unity engine, which makes getting a game on the Xperia easy thanks to support for JavaScript, C#, and a Python's "Boo" flavor.  And yes, design3 also has several tutorial videos for Unity as well, enabling game developers to hit the ground running.   design3 will also take budding new developers through how to create an Android developer account, install the SDK and set up your mobile device for testing of development builds. Once developers have a game ready to go, Sony Ericsson's Union Initiative will help with distribution as well. Once new game developers have a grasp of Unity and game basics, they can learn about more challenging skills such as multi-touch and accelerometer input, scripting, and even working with the Xperia Play's API. So if devs are looking for a way to get their games Playstation certified, this is certainly a good place to start. [via Sony Ericsson Development Blog]

Xperia Play launches in 11 markets, but not the US – HUH?

I gotta say, I'm a bit mystified about this one. Sony-Ericsson launched the Xperia Play in 11 markets around the world with six additional markets coming two weeks later. Only problem is ... the United States isn't one of them. According to the official announcement, the US launch of the Xperia Play, with Verizon, will come "sometime later this Spring." Meanwhile, markets such as the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Hong Kong and Taiwan will get to enjoy them some PSP style mobile gaming.

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Hands-On [CTIA 2011]

We got another opportunity to take a look at the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Android gaming phone whilst at a Verizon event in Orlando during CTIA 2011. It was here that we finally got both an extended look at the device as well as an adequate amount of time to make judgements on its form and content. In the video below you're going to see a presentation made by a Verizon representative who shows us a top-down look at the device including a demo of several games that we're very much looking forward to trying out.

Xperia Play and XPeria Arc pre-order for free on contact from Vodaphone

British hand held gamers rejoice! Vodaphone is offering pre-order of the Sony-Ericsson Xperia Play for FREE with contract. Users who sign up before April first will also receive a free deckstand and six preloaded games (Crash Bandicoot, Fifa 10, Star Battalion, Tetris, Sims 3, Bruce Lee). In addition to the Xperia Play, users who just want a basic Android experience can also preorder the Xperia Arc for free on contract as well.

Xperia Play Thumbs ad gets wierd second chapter

Sony-Ericsson has released a second chapter in their bizarre ad campaign for the Sony Xperia Play Android phone.   The Ad, shows confused victim of a crime telling a police officer in some non-descript Asian country that a girl who he took home from an evening at a local club, severed his thumbs and disappeared.  The Cops laugh at the irony and then we see the same Android from the first commercial walking through the streets flexing his new game playing digits.  Disturbing?  You bet.  Dark comedic punch line?  Absolutely.  But will it sell phones?

On the Importance of the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY [via a Casual Conversation with an Inside Source]

Let's have a chat on a chat we've just had in the past week with a source we stake our name on, one extremely familiar with the subject matter at hand. What we spoke about specifically was the history and the future of Sony Ericsson inside and beside the Xperia PLAY, aka the Playstation phone. One of the points we spoke on was the fact that it'll be launching with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, an operating system that the rest of the electronics world (with a few exceptions) are still scrambling to attach to their own hardware. Why does Sony Ericsson, a group that really hasn't had a top space in the minds of any Android fan basically ever, have access to this newest of Google's mobile operating systems?

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Hands-On [VIDEO]

If there were ever a device more leaked than this particular doozy, I'd like to see it. We've had shots from here to Timbuktu from every single angle of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, aka the PlayStation phone, but it's never quite the same until you've actually got one in your very own hands. Take a peek at the video we've got, taken with our very own hands today in Barcelona - it's hot!

Sony XPERIA Play Extended “Thumbs” Ad Spot [video]

If you'll recall a few days ago we showed you a severely disturbing ad spot from Sony Ericsson depicting a man running through some dark streets, past dingy workers in a rush to deliver something or other to what turns out to be a man performing surgery. The surgeon is hard at work doing no less than grafting human thumbs onto a 3 foot tall Google Android. This commercial was leaked in a terrible quality video, then replayed during the Superbowl, and is now here for you in full quality, in a totally extended video that'll creep you out just as hard as it did in the short mix.
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