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Minecraft PE Android beta program launched by Mojang

The Play Store beta release program ins't new, however there is a new entry as of today. Mojang has announced a beta program for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) this morning. This will be open and available for anyone that has previously purchased the game, or alternatively, for those who are still planning to purchase the game.

Hunger Games: Panem Run endless runner hits the Play Store

Arriving just in time for the movie release, a Catching Fire inspired game has arrived in the Google Play Store. The game, titled; The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Panen Run is an endless runner and will have you exploring the different districts of Panem. Now, while the movie has already arrived in theaters, the thought here is this game should hold you over -- just in case you aren't able to see the actual film until the weekend.

Russia’s brings email, chat and games to the US as

Arriving with mention of being from Russia with love, has announced a handful of services for the US market. The mix here touches on email, chat and gaming along with a promise of an image editor coming soon. has launched in the US as and the services include myMail, myChat, myGames and as for the coming soon item, myCamera.

Google Play for Education program now live

At Google I/O, the new Google Play for Education initiative was announced. At the time, details were sparse, but it was clear that Google was keen on getting tablets into the classroom, just as they were doing with Chromebooks. The program is now live, allowing Developers to mark their app for inclusion, and soon hitting classrooms everywhere.
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