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Minimal Clock app brings simplicity to your homescreen

There is absolutely no shortage of apps on the Google Play Store that will deliver a clock or weather widget. They're extremely popular, and a new one appears on the daily. Recently I've switched my attention to having a minimalistic look and feel on my homescreen. Just a few needed apps and a beautiful analog clock. And Minimal Clock was just what we were looking for.

Facebook Beta for Android promises a better, faster app

The Facebook app surely has its fair share of issues, and has been something of discussion for a long time in the Android world. With the new Facebook Home, their app was improved significantly, but it looks like Facebook isn't done with the improvements yet. They've just announced a Facebook Beta for Android. One that promises a faster, smoother, better performing app, but we've heard that before.

Google Play Edition phones won’t get the Nexus update treatment

In case you weren't aware of the news, today Samsung and HTC both launched their respective flagship top-tier smartphones on the Google Play Store running stock Android. Originally called Google Edition phones, now the Play Store has them listed as "Google Play editions" and we're learning they might not get the update treatment we all thought.

Hootie for Twitter: Hands-on with an app for the minimalist

It's time to take a quick look at a recently released Twitter app and client on Android called Hootie. It has been available for a short while, and was making the rounds over on Reddit. The developer put a lot of effort into offering a beautiful and simple design, but it's lacking in features. With all the talk about Falcon Pro and others having issues, we figured it was time to check out another option.

SwiftKey Keyboard slices price in half thanks to 5-star ratings

The folks from SwiftKey are busy sharing details about just how popular their keyboard is for Android. Being one of the most successful and popular 3rd party keyboards to date, they've been near the top of the "top paid" charts for some time. Today announced they have over 150,000 5-star reviews in the Play Store, and to show their celebration and appreciating they've cut the price in half.