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iOS 7 Control Center app pulled, then returned to Google Play Store

The folks from Google recently pulled a new app off of their Google Play Store due to copyright infringement claims from Apple. What was the app? An Android app that emulates the recently announced "Control Center" drawer in Apple's iOS 7. It was a complete copy of the look, feel, and basically every aspect of the upcoming iOS 7 feature, and is now readily available for Android users.

New Nexus 7 now available for purchase right from Google

Surprise, it looks like after a few retail outlets accidentally started selling the brand new just announced Nexus 7 a few days early, Google's decided to join them. After initially confirming the new slate would go on sale July 30th, Google has surprised us all and opened all orders this afternoon. You can get the new Nexus 7 right now from Google Play.

Google Chromecast app hits the Play Store

If you're like us, you quickly snatched up a new Google Chromecast dongle for $35 yesterday. Hopefully before they all sold out, and it's likely on the way to your doorstep. If you're wondering just how easy setting up everything will be, Google's released a companion app for Chromecast that should make it even easier.

App Updates: Chrome Browser, Facebook Beta, Robird and more

This weekend there was all sorts of app updates, but a few in particular have been updated as of last night and this morning worth mentioning. Of course, there's far too many apps to keep track of, but a few important apps were updated and we figured a shout out was in order for things like the Facebook Beta, and our favorite Twitter app.

The Walking Dead: Assault game arrives for Android

It looks like it may be a good time for those who happen to be fans of The Walking Dead and are also into gaming on Android. Simply put, The Walking Dead: Assault has arrived in the Google Play Store. The game has arrived after spending more than 6-months being available only for iOS.