Virgin Mobile to offer unlimited talk and text $40 PayLo plan

Virgin Mobile has just outed a new no contract pre-paid plan options for those folks who don't need a top-tier smartphone but still love to talk and text. Announcing the new Virgin Mobile pre-paid PayLo plan offers unlimited talk and text, with 50 MB of data (web access) for $40 monthly. While the deal sounds decent this is more for feature phones that have web access, not a smartphone running Android.

T-Mobile intros new no contract mobile broadband plans

Today T-Mobile has officially announced their new no contract mobile broadband offerings. Just in time for summer it looks like T-Mobile will be offering some decent 4G mobile broadband services for those that don't like to sign contracts. The new plans and pricing details below will be available from T-Mobile starting May 20th. They might not be the best prices around, but for no contracts I think some will like what they have to offer.

T-Mobile adding contract-free unlimited mobile calling on April 4th

T-Mobile is in the news again with details regarding a new unlimited calling plan that they will be offering up to contract-free customers. No longer is this option only available to on-contract subscribers because starting in April that is exactly what they will have available. Below are more details and a screenshot with the information direct from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile will cap domestic data roaming April 5th

Those of you out there surfing T-Mobile's airwaves should know of upcoming changes your carrier will be putting into effect fairly soon. On April 5th, they plan on capping your domestic off-network data roaming usage. Limits are extremely low, so it will be important to keep an eye on data consumed while roaming.

Verizon Wireless Intros $20 Plan with 300MB Data for select regions

While a good deal is a good deal and not to be passed up this seems more like a gap between a real data plan and those feature phone plans. Today Verizon Wireless is launching a new back to school data plan for only $20 with 300mb of data connectivity when bundled with a new voice plan. The odd part is this is not widespread and only available starting in select Verizon regions, this may be a test run to start things off.

Virgin Mobile Updates Beyond Talk Plans, Unlimited Everything for Only $55

Virgin Mobile is changing their Beyond Talk Plans as of late. One way to nudge subscribers into higher priced plans is to slightly raise the price of your main plans, but then lower the cost of the unlimited everything option. That is exactly what Virgin Mobile has just done, although some might not be happy that unlimited everything plan for only $55 sounds like a pretty great deal.

T-Mobile Prepaid Data pricing leaks

Let’s face it contracts are not for everyone, they’re binding, and although they offer competitive pricing for data plans (they have to to compete) many users who prefer to go the prepaid route have not seen cheap option plans. That looks like it will be changing now with a recently leaked T-Mobile Prepaid Broadband plans sheet.

Verizon to offer tiered data plans in 4-6 months

Verizon, following suit of many other mobile service providers, plan on releasing tiered data plans within the next 4-6 months. Not many other details have been said regarding pricing and the tiers offered but, Ivan Seidenberg the CEO of Verizon, took a quick shot at AT&T and how they handle tiered data.
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