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QuickPic now supports more cloud apps to organize your pictures

With the amount of pictures that we take and upload everyday, storing images in our devices and organizing them into easy to search and view galleries is a challenge. One of the best apps that can do this for you is is QuickPic and their latest update brings you even more features including support for Android 5.0 Lollipop and support for other cloud storage apps.

Cooliris puts all your photos in your hands

With a plethora of social networking sites, you're bound to have hundreds of photos scattered all over. And while there are numerous gallery apps available on Android, none probably gathers all, and we mean all, of them in a single place like Cooliris.

Motorola Gallery update brings a few key fixes

As we've been seeing Motorola do with apps, they have been putting them in the Play Store and in turn -- updating them on a more frequent basis. Motorola has had recent updates for everything from Assist to Migrate as well as Touchless Control and Active Notifications. And up today is the Motorola Gallery app.

Scalado Album Review

The additions to the generic Android Gallery in Ice Cream Sandwich are pretty great, but of course, they don't do much for the 90+% of user which don't have access to Android 4.0. If you're a shutterbug who wants better experience that the unfortunately slow 3D album from Android 2.3 or whatever replacement your manufacturer has provided, have a gander at Scalado Album, which goes for 99¢ in the Google Play Store. It's fast, easy to navigate, and a has a few unique features that even the ICS gallery could use.

Ice Cream Sandwich includes a built-in photo editor

Are you tired of waiting on Instagram to arrive so you can ironically make fun of your friends with cheesy filters? Then you may want to be first in line when the tinkly Google truck starts handing out Ice Cream Sandwiches. Android Police got their hands on some hot app source files that point to a built-in photo editor in the Ice Cream Sandwich native gallery app, and while they're not exactly pro-level tools, they should be a welcome edition to those who record their memories eight megapixels at a time.

SHADOWGUN by MadFinger Games Review [Video]

Today I have one epic game for review here at Android Community and that is SHADOWGUN by the popular developer MadFinger Games. You've probably seen a few videos in the recent past about this stellar new game coming to Android Tegra 2 tablets but if you haven't we have all the details. This game is absolutely stunning both visually, and with game-play. We have plenty of in-game screenshots and a live demo video below so be sure and check it all out after the break.

Maylong M-260 Budget Android Tab clears the FCC

How exciting, we have another amazingly fast and awesome tablet for you all today. Actually it's quite the opposite because this is the Maylong M-260 "budget" Android tablet and it has just cleared the FCC. You may not be familiar with Maylong but they are the producers behind more than a few cheap Android tablets in the past.
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