Google Photo Sphere images now embeddable on any website

Photo Sphere is a feature that was introduced with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Basically that means only a limited amount of users are able to capture Photo Sphere images at the moment. Not to mention, the options and places to view these images has also rather limited. In the past, Photo Sphere viewing was previously limited to Google+ pages, the device that took the picture and on Google Maps (provided they were uploaded).

Samsung NX2000 Android-powered camera image leaks

We all know Samsung has just about every smartphone and tablet size imaginable covered, and now it looks like they'll be taking their efforts deeper into Android-powered cameras. We've been hearing reports that the company has plans to release several more Android cameras to follow up the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and today we could have our first look at their mirrorless NX2000.

Android version of Rando photo exchange platform launches

A development company from the UK called Ustwo has announced the launch of an Android version of its app called Rando. The app hit the iPhone about a month ago. Rando is called an "experimental photo exchange platform." This isn't like Instagram, it's photo sharing but completely anonymous.

Imgur photo hosting app arrives for Android

The most popular photo hosting site that is probably everyone's favorite has finally arrived for Android. While there's no shortage of Imgur apps in the Google Play Store, today they've released their very own official app for Android. It's a limited beta for now, and appears to only work in Australia, but we can expect it to be available for all soon.

Handy Photo now available for Android

There are several applications available for Android devices that allow people who take a lot of photos to manipulate those photos right on the device. A new photo editing application has now launched for Android devices called Handy Photo. The app promises some impressive photo editing tools that will be more appealing for some users than simple filters.

NVIDIA Tegra 4 ‘always-on HDR’ camera demo

Back during CES 2013 in January NVIDIA unveiled their new Tegra 4 quad-core mobile processor. Along with it comes tons of brand new and exciting camera features they're calling Chimera. Slated as the "World's first mobile computational photography architecture." One of the awesome new features we can expect on Tegra smartphones and tablets is their always on HDR (high dynamic range) photography and video option. Check it out below.

500px app gets updated

Fans of the Android app 500px can now download an update for the application that brings new features. The updated application was released this week and promises a better ability to discover photos and find friends using the application. The application is also nearing 500,000 downloads.

Samsung Orb set to take on Google’s Photo Sphere camera

Samsung's upcoming flagship Galaxy S IV smartphone is still somewhat of a mystery, but some new rumors are floating around that the company will have their own version of Google's Photo Sphere. Instead of just taking a panorama photo, why not take a complete 360 degree view from all directions. Photo Sphere might not be perfect, but it's one of our favorite features of Android Jelly Bean.
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