Google Creative Lab releases three new imaging-related apps

If Microsoft has the Garage Project, Google has its own Google Creative Lab that churns out cool apps for Android. Not that Google still needs to make more many and get more people to like Android, but it can be fun for developers to have another outlet to explore and execute their more creative side. After the Alphabet initiative, Google through the lab has just released three apps that take advantage of a mobile device's sensors and camera in new and unique ways: Tunnel Vision, Landmarker, and Lip Swap.

Camera360 launches “selfie app” Bestie

If you don’t like the idea of people taking pictures of themselves using their front-facing camera more than twice a day and posting them online for the whole world to see, then you better turn away. Okay, we’re not saying all people who take selfies are that narcissistic, but a new app from Camera 360 has come out with another product that will appeal to those who love to do those kinds of pics, either by themselves or together with other people. Will Bestie become your new camera best friend?

Algorithm now available to remove obstructions from digital images

Removing obstructions and unwanted elements from digital images and photographs is a problem as old as mobile photography itself, but a research team from Google and MIT might just have the algorithm to solve our problems. Ever wanted a good photo of something beyond a chain-link fence? Or maybe have a good photo ruined by your own reflection on the window pane you’re shooting through?

Edit pics like a pro with Polarr Photo Editor, now on Android

When you do your mobile photography, sometimes, all you need to retouch it is a simple photo editing app where you can slide and touch without thinking so much about the details. But then, sometimes, you would love for your editing app to have more power, kind of like what you can do on desktop or software programs, like what the professionals actually use. Polarr Photo Editor is now on Android, and users from other platforms swear that it is one of the best out there, if you’re looking for the latter.

AZ Camera turns your Lollipop-powered phone into a manual pro cam

Taking advantage of the Camera2 API from Android is this new app called the AZ Camera. This one brings Manual Focus, RAW format, Manual Shutter Speed, Manual White Balance, Exposure Compensation, and Manual ISO features to whatever smartphone you are using. This particular app brings these impressive features not only to your rear camera but also the front-facing camera you usually use for selfies.

4GEE Action Cam lets you livestream your adventures over 4G

Having fun with your GoPro yet? Or if you don’t have one and are looking for an alternative, consider the 4GEE Action Cam because this device doesn’t just capture the action. It also allows you to share life as it happens via streaming. This way, you can share with your family and friends your adventure at the very same moment.

DxOMark outs ratings for HTC One M9, mild improvement from M8

DxOMark is one of the industry leaders in providing hardware ratings for photo imaging and video for mobile devices. Basically, they test the heck out of the device and rate it according standards based on common attributes in cameras – including contrast quality, color capture, autofocus capabilities, texture, noise and artifacts in the images, among others. Their most recent target is the current HTC flagship, the HTC One M9.

LG shows you how to take better photos with its new G4

One of the key highlights of the LG G4 is that you can take great photos with it because of its various features. They have teamed up with photographer Colby Brown, and in the latest video released, he showed us some five easy tips to taking better photographs with your upcoming new smartphone. Although it's really more of a showcase for LG's new flagship and you wouldn't be able to use those tips if you don't have one, it's still pretty informative for those looking at improving their mobile photo skills.

HTC One M9 now supports RAW photo files

The camera of HTC's new flagship, the One M9, may have received some early criticism (or praise, if you hated the one before) for changing it up from the highly-touted Ultrapixel to their current 20MP camera, but it's now bringing a software update that may please serious mobile photography enthusiasts. The smartphone becomes the first mobile device to offer support for RAW files, giving you even more freedom to tweak and edit photos to your heart's content.

Polaroid Zip printer: portable, easy-to-use, useful

The trend for having actual print outs of your mobile photos continues, even as mobile photography hits new heights in terms of quality of smartphones, apps, and accessories. This combination of analog and digital is not a conundrum anymore, and a lot of gadget makers are getting into the game. Polaroid has released several portable photo printers, but this newest one may be the smallest and most handy of them all. The Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer may just be the newest one to attract your attention and wallet.
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