Samsung NX2000 Android-powered camera image leaks

We all know Samsung has just about every smartphone and tablet size imaginable covered, and now it looks like they'll be taking their efforts deeper into Android-powered cameras. We've been hearing reports that the company has plans to release several more Android cameras to follow up the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and today we could have our first look at their mirrorless NX2000.

Imgur photo hosting app arrives for Android

The most popular photo hosting site that is probably everyone's favorite has finally arrived for Android. While there's no shortage of Imgur apps in the Google Play Store, today they've released their very own official app for Android. It's a limited beta for now, and appears to only work in Australia, but we can expect it to be available for all soon.

LG Pocket Photo Printer hands-on with Optimus G Pro

Here at Mobile World Congress we're enjoying all sorts of smartphones, tablets, and Android-powered gadgets. One thing that we're seeing plenty of is accessories too. Today we got a few minutes with LG's latest offering, and they are calling it the LG Pocket Photo Printer. It's a little big for a pocket but works quite well so read on for all the details.

Flock photo sharing app now available for Android

Flock, the social photo sharing app has launched for Android. The app may sound familiar to some, however up until today it was available only for iOS users. In short, Flock will allow you to see pictures that others take at an event. Basically, if you and your friends are using Flock, you will likely end up seeing more pictures than if you weren't.

New photos of the HTC Deluxe DLX leak

The giant HTC Deluxe DLX has had some new photos leak on the web. A single press photo leaked a little while back, and this time, we are getting more photos to wet our appetite and keep us excited for the device to hit the market. Of course, we have no idea when the phone is going to drop. In fact, we don't even know when the phone is going to officially revealed by HTC. The new photos confirm the three rumored colors for the HTC Deluxe DLX. As expected, it will be available in black, brown, and white, and based on the pictures, it looks pretty slick in all of the new colors. Other than the colors, these photos don't tell us very much about the phone. What we do know is that it's based on the Droid DNA from the US and the Japanese J Butterfly. We also know it sports a 5-inch Super LCD3 full-HD display. It should feature a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM under the hood. It will likely be running some version of Jelly Bean as well. With major events such as CES and MWC 2013 right around the corner, it's a good assumption that HTC would announce the phone at one of these events. Only time will tell, but with the photo leaks and everything coming out about this device, we have to assume that it going to announced and given a release window soon enough. As always, we will keep you posted. [gallery] [timeline] [via GSM Arena]

Scalado Panorama 360 for Smartphones hands-on

Not everything at Mobile World Congress was hardware related. We saw tons of awesome apps, games, ideas and more and will bring it all to you this week. Today we want to share an awesome panorama technology called Sweep Panorama 360 by Scalado. These same folks recently teased their Remove technology for deleting moving objects from pictures, but their panorama tech is equally impressive.

Google+ photo tagging now features automatic facial recognition

Google's social network site just keeps getting better and better these days. Now I know when you read automatic facial recognition you feel like John Connor from Terminator might hunt you down and recognize your face but this new system is completely opt-in. This feature is being called "Find My Face" and will make photo tagging even easier in Google+ land.

Photo shot with Galaxy Nexus smartphone spied on Google+

You know you are a geek when you peruse Google+ and other photo sites for EXIF data that points out photos shot with smartphones that aren't yet released. It's ok though, we get your need to see all the info you can get on unreleased gear. In fact, here is a shot for you that has surfaced that according to the EXIF data was taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera.
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