Philips Dictation Recorder app updated with secure send feature

Sometimes it is much easier to record a voice note when you need to jot down something than it is to write or type it out. It can also be much more convenient during a meeting in the professional world to simply record the meeting via a dictation app or recorder than it is to try to write down everything that is said in the meeting.

Philips to offer multiple 7″ tablets with Android 4.0

Philips recently announced its plans to offer Android 4.0 in their new line of 7" tablets. Initially only slated for introduction in China, it's not known if they will make their way to the US market. Though not the first to use the 4.0 software, they are going a different route with its processors.

Philips Soundbar streams DLNA Android content to any TV

Philips is all in when it comes to Android support, and for that, we thank them. In addition to a wide range of Fidelio speaker docks and Android-specific headphones, they've recently unveiled the Soundbar CSS5123. But this isn't just your run-of-the-mill all in one speaker system: the Soundbar packs in a DLNA receiver and video-out functionality. This means that even if your HDTV or projector doesn't pack in Digital Living Network Alliance support, you can add it with a swanky speaker set.

Philips expands support with made for Android headphones

With Android kicking bot and taking names as far as market share goes, it was only a matter of time before Android-specific accessories became a commodity. Philips helped kick things off with its Fidelio Android speaker docks (read our review here!) and now they're taking it a step further with a full line of headphones and headsets made specifically for Android hardware. They'll come in at between $30 and $100 when they launch in late spring or early summer.

Philips Fidelio AS851 Docking Speaker for Android Review

Android users have a virtually unlimited choice when it comes to smartphone hardware, and it's one of the most important advantages of the platform. Unfortunately a wide variety of hardware inexorably means a smaller selection of accessories, especially ones that work with all models. Nowhere is this more evident than in the dock/speaker department. Whereas you can't find a $20 alarm clock without an iPod dock, models that support Android are few and far between. Philips seems to be the only company that's interested in this particular segment, and for that, we're eternally grateful. They sent us the top-of-the-line Fidelio AS851 speaker dock, designed specifically to work with Android smartphones, for review.

Hands-on Philips’ new Fidelio Android speaker docks

Over at sister site SlashGear, they got to spend some hands on time with a trio of new Android specific speaker docks from Phillips. The three speaker docks are in the Fidelio range. The three docking stations all use the Philips FlexiDock that will allow the smartphone to charge and play music from your Android device at once.