LG Optimus Vu 5-inch phablet headed to Verizon next month

LG's new Optimus Vu 5-inch "phablet" smartphone might not be selling as well as Samsung's Galaxy Note, but they have recently announced over 500,000 have been sold. Along with that news they managed to share a few details for when those stateside can expect the device to arrive. It looks like we can expect to see LG's new smartphone sometime in the 3rd quarter, so before the end of September.

HTC rumored to launch 5″ phone with 1080p display

With both Samsung and LG already having smartphones with screens large enough to be considered "phablets" it is time for HTC to join them. New reports today from DigiTimes states they are working on just that. A 5-inch smartphone with a competition beating 1080p resolution display and more.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note hits August 8th for $249

This morning T-Mobile has finally shared the details on their newest smartphone to grace the lineup. You could call it a smartphone, or a tablet, but most like to say phablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note and its 5.3-inch HD display will finally be available from T-Mo on August 8th. They announced it was coming soon last week, but now we have all the details and a full review.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note "phablet" as some like to call it is finally making its way to T-Mobile. The phone has been available for some time both internationally as well as from AT&T, but August 8th T-Mobile will join the list. What makes this phone special you ask? It has a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display that is just massive, but looks amazing. That isn't all either. You should know plenty about the Note already, but if not stay tuned for more details.

LG Optimus Vu 5-inch phablet headed to Verizon

Samsung isn't the only carrier on the block with a 5-inch or bigger "phablet" on Android. LG and their Optimus Vu is apparently headed for Verizon with 4G LTE after some leaked pictures of the device seemingly confirmed its fate. There was rumors of the Galaxy Note for Verizon as the Journal, but it looks like LG will get the go ahead instead.

RAMPAGE 6 can’t run ICS, but it might stop a bullet

You remember those old westerns where the priest gets shot by the bad guy, but the bullet is dramatically stopped by the Bible he keeps in his breast pocket? We don't really have a parallel for that today, but if you carry around the RAMPAGE 6 from SDG Systems, you might have a similar experience. This 5.7-inch, ultra-ruggedized smartphone-tablet hybrid was recently announced, and is intended for soldiers, scientists or anyone whose important work might occasionally include being in a live minefield.

ZTE to make two Galaxy Note-style smartphones

The Galaxy Note has become a surprising hit: the last we heard from Samsung, the 5.3-inch Android smartphone had sold an amazing 5 million units worldwide. This has inspired some competition from the likes of LG (with the Optimus Vu) and Panasonic (with the ELUGA Power), and now it looks like Chinese manufacturer ZTE us joining in the fray. Company representatives told Reuters that they were planning not one but two "phablets" for an unspecified release date.
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