MobileMount+ now seeking funding on Kickstarter

If you've ever wished you could attach your phone to a tripod or have a simple-yet-effective stand for your tablet, then you might want to head over to Kickstarter and toss a few dollars at the MobileMount+. We've heard of the MobileMount before, with the original netting more than $100,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, but now it's time for the MobileMount+ to shine. MobileMount+ is comprised of two suction cups and one threaded 1/4" 20 ball joint, meaning that simplicity is key here.

Sphero Android-Controlled Robotic Balls Hands-on with CEO Paul Berberian [Video]

It's time for some robots, ladies and gentlemen, of the spherical kind - this is Sphero, made by Orbotix, and we've got a first-hand look at how far this awesome project is along and how close it is to production courtesy of Paul Berberian. Now for those of you that don't recognize that epic name, Berberian is the CEO of the group, Orbotix, who manufacture the Sphero ball. Just this past week we were in NYC for the 2011 Pepcom Holiday Spectacular and Orbotix were up and running with Spheros galore - so close to the sales floor we can taste it!

The Android wristwatch that isn’t

There's a wristwatch company out there that's got a name you might well be rather familiar with, the ring of which might lead you to believe that you'll be making some telephone calls on it soon. It's the Android USA watch company, and though they do not offer the ability to transfer files via Bluetooth, connection to the Android App Store, or apps of any kind, they do present a rather unique bit of detail in the end: ceramic. These watches, made by a company in business since all the way back in 1991, creates a touch, lightweight, and scratch-resistant device that's just lovely to look at when you simply want the time on your wrist.

Advent Vega Dock now on sale: HDMI and USB

It's taken a while, but the HDMI dock for the Advent Vega tablet has finally gone on sale. Priced at an eminently reasonable £29.99 from PC World, the dock recharges the Vega slate together with giving an HDMI output. There's also a trio of USB ports and a headphones/speakers output. The USBs will work with external storage or a wired keyboard/mouse, for easier control and text entry. Meanwhile, the Tegra 2 processor at the heart of the Vega will pump out 1080p HD to your TV.

iControlPad Will Work With Android Devices Via BlueTooth

It has now been confirmed that the physical button, mobile gaming keypad - the iControlPad - will support Android devices equipped with Bluetooth. It used to be expected that the device will ship with a dock connector to connect to iPhones and iPod Touches, but ever since Apple’s showdown with Hypermac, they have decided to go with Bluetooth to avoid licensing issues.

People of Lava’s Scandinavia 42-inch Android TV

Google has plans to introduce an Android integrated television. We'll, looks like they were beaten to the punch by a Swedish company. People of Lava's Scandinavia Android TV is a 42-inch Full HD 1080p set with three HDMI ports, a DVB-T digital TV tuner and USB port. It also features an 833MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and it run Android 1.5.