Pebble Ringer app launches for Android, we go hands-on

Pebble rolled-out an updated SDK earlier in the month. Specifically, that update was for the Pebble Kit which added support for two-way app communication. Or more to the point, this update will allow developers to create apps that run on your Pebble and control your smartphone, which we have just gotten a look at with a newly launched app. That app is called Pebble Phone Ringer Switcher and it is available for Android users.

Pebble smartwatch pre-orders will begin shipping “soon”

It looks like the folks at Pebble are getting ready to move into the next phase. Basically, the Kickstarter shipments are beginning to wrap up and shipments for those who placed a pre-order (after the Kickstarter project) should begin going out soon. In fact, a recent update on the Get Pebble site mentions that the first Pebble pre-orders will be "shipping soon." With that in mind, those who pre-ordered through the Get Pebble website may want to pay attention to their email.

Pebble SDK update adds two-way communication app support

Those using the Pebble smartwatch with RunKeeper received a decent update last week. As of today however, it looks like the folks at Pebble have some additional SDK related news. The announcement is for the PebbleKit, which is being described as the "next stage of the platform." Basically, this release will allow for two-way communication between your smartphone and the Pebble.

Pebble review: Two weeks with a smartwatch

After what seemed like a wait that took forever, my Pebble smartwatch was finally delivered on April 6. That means I have now been wearing the watch for two weeks time and as such, I have some thoughts to share. I am still wearing my Pebble today, which should say something. I will also risk giving a spoiler in the beginning by saying that I really do like my Pebble. But to balance that a little bit, I am not able to say the Pebble is perfect and honestly I am not even sure how comfortable I would be offering a recommendation at this time.

Pebble: All black watches now ready with colors still several weeks out

It looks like we have another Pebble smartwatch related update. This one will likely come as a bit of good news or bad news depending on the color you originally picked when you backed the project on Kickstarter. You see, the folks at Pebble have announced that all of the black watches are ready for shipping. Well, specifically, Pebble has said they are currently "making their way through the fulfillment process."

Pebble smartwatch firmware update brings shutdown fix

Some Pebble smartwatch users had recently been complaining about an issue that caused the watch to go dead after a shutdown. The folks at Pebble note that this issue was affecting some users with firmware 1.8.x and 1.9 and it was due to the Pebble's MCU not being "correctly reconfigured prior to entering shutdown." Technical reason aside, there is a bit of good news for all Pebble users.
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