Pebble: All black watches now ready with colors still several weeks out

It looks like we have another Pebble smartwatch related update. This one will likely come as a bit of good news or bad news depending on the color you originally picked when you backed the project on Kickstarter. You see, the folks at Pebble have announced that all of the black watches are ready for shipping. Well, specifically, Pebble has said they are currently "making their way through the fulfillment process."

Pebble smartwatch firmware update brings shutdown fix

Some Pebble smartwatch users had recently been complaining about an issue that caused the watch to go dead after a shutdown. The folks at Pebble note that this issue was affecting some users with firmware 1.8.x and 1.9 and it was due to the Pebble's MCU not being "correctly reconfigured prior to entering shutdown." Technical reason aside, there is a bit of good news for all Pebble users.

Pebble smartwatch tear down ends with destruction

We should be used to seeing our devices torn apart by the iFixIt crew. After all, we have seen the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and countless other devices torn apart and opened up. This latest however comes a little bit different. The latest is for the Pebble smartwatch and differs in that the watch ends up being destroyed.

Pebble Notifier app will bring Tasker alerts to your wrist

A recently launched app will bring Tasker alerts to your Pebble smartwatch. The app is called Pebble Notifier and rather simply, is described as being the "bridge between the Pebble application and Tasker." Basically, those using the Pebble Notifier app will be able to get a wide variety of additional alerts and messages sent to their wrist.

Pebble smartwatch app update brings some key fixes

Pebble launched their Android app back on January 24 and it looks like an update has since arrived. This update isn't brining any new features, however it should be welcomed by those who happen to already have a Pebble on their wrist and have been having issues getting it paired. Simply put, this is a bug fixing update.

Pebble watch begins shipping today with Android app coming January 24

During CES we learned that the Pebble e-paper watch had gone into mass production and would begin shipping on January 23. And well, coming just as had been promised -- the first batch of Pebble watches will begin shipping today. The details come by way of the folks at Pebble who have offered confirmation of the shipping as well as other details about the Android app and some production notes.

Pebble smartwatch hands-on video and interview with Eric Migicovsky

Without question, it seems that one of the highlights of CES 2013 was Pebble. Which, considering the product was originally expected to ship back in September of 2012 -- who would have guessed. Of course, considering how the Kickstarter took off, it seems many would have been more surprised had they met that shipping time. Regardless though, as we saw in the Pebble press conference from earlier today, the watches will begin shipping on January 23.
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