Organize your electronic research papers with Mendeley app

There are a lot of book and reading apps out there, but most of them are meant for fiction and non-fiction but non-academic books. What if you're doing research for university or for a business paper, and what you need is an app that has more than just what these reading apps are offering? What if you have a lot of PDF files for research and need a way to organize, catalogue and actually read them in a user-friendly way. Mendeley is an app that claims can help you in these circumstances.

Adobe Reader gets major redesign, now called Acrobat DC

You've been using the PDF format for decades now, and when mobile devices started getting smarter, you eventually got an app as well. But it's been some years since anything major happened to the Adobe Reader app, but now they're making up for almost 5 years of inactivity by redesigning the entire Android app, and renaming it to Acrobat DC. No, the company has not been bought by a comic book publisher, but it stands for Document Cloud.

SimplyScan app offers real scanned paper effect

After the Smart Document Scanner, here's another app that can turn your phone into a mobile scanner: the SimplyScan PDF Camera Scanner. This is said to be the lightest PDF mobile document scanning app today, at least for Android, because it's very simply and easy to use. The app scans documents and automatically organizes the scanned files. It's a camera scanner, meaning you can scan any document simply by taking a photo. It can even convert an existing image already saved on your phone or tablet into PDF.

Android could benefit from Apple’s leap in eBooks for education

When a PDF is made from a large document for compatibility on our devices, it isn't just available on an Apple or Android product - but is universal between platforms. Apple recently announced tools will be available for developers to easily convert their texts to 'standard-compliant' eBooks. At first glance, this seems to only benefit the iOS adopters out there. But when considering the tech world as a whole, why can't publishers take their conversions where they please?

Foxit Mobile PDF Reader available in the Android Market

If you've been using the Internet for any amount of time at all, you probably know one of its founding principles: Adobe Reader sucks. Many savvy desktop users choose a lightweight alternative for displaying simple PDFs, and Foxit PDF Reader has long been a favorite among them. Now Foxit Software has released an Android port of its popular reader, and you can download it now in the Android Market.