PayPal Here mobile payment system gets demonstration video

The folks over at the huge pay site PayPal have taken the wraps off of their new mobile payment system. Aiming to take on the popular Square Mobile Payments they are calling this new platform PayPal Here. With a triangle mobile card reader that clicks right into your smartphone, users of Ice Cream Trucks across the nation can be excited.

PayPal for Android updates with NFC, tablet support

Finally, an alternative to Google Wallet - now if only I could find somewhere that actually accepts NFC payment. PayPal completely remade their Android app today, adding near-field communication support, though support for actual retail payments seems to be a little lacking. A completely new layout, a more minimal interface, and a new widget round out the additions. You can download the latest version in the Android Market now.

PayPal may finally be coming to the Android Market

There are a lot of supporters, and to be fair, detractors, for PayPal. But since Android is all about choice, the lack thereof has irked the debit-card-toting masses behind the eBayer's payment of choice for some time. But according to some of the folks at AndroidGuys, some code found in the latest Android Market indicates that the payment service will be added soon.

PayPal Offers NFC Money Transfer Exclusively to Android Users

The online payments company known as PayPal, in an epic and awesome move in the direction of all the green folk of the world, have today announced that they'd be offering a peer-to-peer NFC money transfer solution to Android users exclusively. This functionality will, as you may have guessed, be working with an App on the Nexus S first, and it's really quite simple - tap those phones together, get a "buzz", and you're done.

Updated PayPal App with Mobile Check Cashing Hands On

Today PayPal brought a major update to their Android app, which brought, among other things, the ability to cash checks by taking a picture of them. This has been a killer feature for their iPhone App now since October, and starting today you can use your phone to add checks directly to your PayPal account, or transfer it to your savings account, skipping a trip to the bank!

LauncherPro Plus now in the Android Market

For those that don't know. Launcher Pro is a home replacement app that is probably the most popular for Android, next to maybe ADW. It changes the look and feel of your device. With LauncherPro you get tons of features and enhancements, you can speed up home screen scrolling, add as many or as little home screens as you'd like, and more. Most of you should know plenty about LP already.

Paypal X Developer Challenge for Android offers $50,000 in Prizes

It's back again, the Paypal X Developer Challenge. This time it is targeting everyone's favorite mobile operating system, Android. The Paypal Developer Challenge is an event where they hold a contest for developers to build the best app that integrates Paypal secure payments into the mix. They have clearly noticed the extreme growth of Android over the past year or two and see a huge area to capitalize on.

PayPal leaks Android Market support

In the immortal words of Home Simpson - d'oh. Someone over at PayPal hit the go button too early on the official announcement that PayPal was now supporting the Android Marketplace. Apparently, the announcement was only online for a very short time, but that was long enough for it to be Tweeted and Google to cache the page immortalizing someone's mistake.

Google close to accepting PayPal for Android Market purchases

PayPal the popular online money exchange website that’s used in many online retailers and eBay, may soon be coming to the Android Market. Word is that come October 26 at PayPal’s developer conference in San Francisco, we may hear an announcement of such a deal being implemented. PayPal will bring some peace of mind to users who do not want to set up a credit card in Google Checkout, as well as bring in a user base who is already familiar with the service, and prefers it over other methods of pay. [Via The Street]
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