pattern unlock

Simple Android pattern lock workaround discovered

Here's some good news for those who frequently forget their pattern to unlock their phones: a developer on the XDA forums has discovered a relatively simple workaround for pattern-locked devices. This workaround requires just a few lines of code in ADB, and it's made even easier by the fact that your phone doesn't need to be rooted in order for it work. Of course, that also means that some undesirable people may be able to gain access to your phone if it's ever stolen, so watch out for that.

Android pattern lock stumps FBI investigators

There have been a lot of stories in the last few months questioning Android's security as a platform. But when it came time for FBI investigators to look through an accused pimp's Android phone, they were rendered helpless by the pattern lock that's been part of the OS for years. After failing to break into the phone itself, they've submitted a subpoena to Google for the suspect's username and password, in order to make their case in federal court.

Google patents pattern unlock screen, shows new lock screen possibilities

Let Apple keep its one-function slide to unlock - Android's been doing it better since day one. And not just in the basic screen unlock - the pattern lock screen that replaces a PIN or password with a custom 9-dot pattern is a popular way for security-conscious users to quickly and easily access their phone. Now Google has been granted a patent on that particular action, and one more for good measure.