Pantech Element on sale for $200 without contract

If you're looking for a wireless broadband tablet without the wireless contract, you've got to be prepared to pay the piper, at least in the US. But every once in a while one of these tablets (typically a less-popular device) will go on sale. So it is with the Pantech Element, AT&T's odd combination of water/dust resistance and LTE speeds. A refurbished version of the Element is now on sale on eBay for $199.95 with free shipping.

Pantech Element gets root and custom recovery

What's the use of having a waterproof tablet if you can't get a little dirty... figuratively speaking, anyway. That seems to be the inspiration behind RootzWiki members attn1 and roman220, who gave the gift of root to AT&T's Pantech Element tablet just today and immediately installed ClockworkMod recovery to, as it were, boot. The process is fairly simple as root goes: connect the tablet to your computer with ADB enabled, get into the fastboot interface, send over a custom image, then download a SuperUser app and you're done. Check out the original thread for more precise instructions.

Android Community Weekly: April 8th, 2012

It's been a surprisingly big week for Android, considering there were no major media shows. The beginning of the official sales for HTC's One family, an exciting concept from Google themselves, and all manner of software updates and rumor greeted the dedicated Android aficionado. If you've been busy in the week leading up to Easter or Passover, why not take this opportunity to come down from your Marshmallow Peep high and take in the recent happenings?

Pantech Crossover gets a Gingerbread update

Pantech's first Android phone on AT&T launched almost a year ago, running 2.2 Froyo - which was already six months out of date at the time. Today Pantech introduced a Gingerbread update for the QWERTY phone, making several people who had probably given up hope of ever seeing a newer version of Android very happy. Well, moderately happy, anyway - it's not Ice Cream Sandwich after all. The standard bugfixes are present, along with a few new features. 

AT&T shows the next 10 devices to get Android 4.0

If you're an AT&T customer jealous of your HTC Vivid-packing friends with their fancy-pants Ice Cream Sandwich update, take heart: you might not have to wait too long before you get your own. The carrier confirmed a total of ten new devices for an Ice Cream Sandwich update, though it didn't say when beyond "the coming months". Most are high-end smartphones from major brandsm but there's at least a couple of surprises waiting in the wings. AT&T notes that the Vivid's update is the first to be issued by a wireless carrier, which is technically true if you only count the United States.

Pantech P8010 headed to AT&T, spotted in benchmarks with Snapdragon S4

Manufacturers have some exciting high-end phones headed to Ma Bell in the next few months, but before today we hadn't counted Pantech in that number. Consider us surprised, then, to see the previously unknown P8010 pop up in the NenaMark benchmark database. Not only does the information show it to be running a 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, but it's also got Ice Cream Sandwich and AT&T's LTE wireless bands on board. That's a long way from a confirmation, but it's a pretty good indication that it's headed to the United States soon.

Pantech IM-A830S leaks in benchmarks with Android 4.0

Here's an interesting one for your morning Android news digest: a high-end Pantech phone has leaked out in a series of pre-release sordid details. The IM-A830S doesn't have a proper name just yet, but it does have a series of impressive specifications, starting with Android 4.0.3 loaded at launch - whenever that is. Blog of Mobile spotted the phone sitting in a benchmark pool along with a series of impressive hardware specifications. While this shouldn't be considered any sort of confirmation, it's a definite indication of exciting things coming out of Pantech.

Pantech falls to Microsoft’s patent trolling, negotiates license fees

Last week Microsoft couldn't resist taunting Google over its licensing deal with LG, and it looks like the patent gravy train isn't set to stop rolling any time soon. Accroding to Korean news outlet Yonhap, Pantech is currently in negotiations with the American software giant to pay indeterminate licensing fees for the priveledge of running Android (a free and open-source operating system) on its phones. Along with LG and a handful of other major manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, Microsoft now claims it collects fees for more than 70% of Android phones sold in the United States.

Pantech Element AT&T LTE tablet hands-on

This week we've been running around like zombies at CES but today we took a minute to sit down with Pantech and their new AT&T 4G LTE tablet and smartphone. The Pantech Element is an 8" waterproof tablet that will be taking a quick dunk in some ice water, then check out the full specs below.
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